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Joel and Tom were traveling from town X to town Y which was 210 km aprt. Joel set off 1 h 15 min later than Tom but arrived 15 min earlier. If the average speed of Tom was 42 km/h, find the average speed of Joel.

1)50 km/h

2)60 km/h

3)65 km/h

4)70 km/h

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    60 km/h

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  • Exam: SSC (10+2) Solved Paper Conducted on 02/11/2014 IInd shift.

    please explain this pblm????

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    Time taken by Tom t =distance/speed
    Joel takes 1.25+0.25=1.5 h less time to cut same distance t'=t-1.5
    So time taken by Joel =

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