A train eniers into a tunnel AB at A and exits at B. A jackal is sitting at O in another by passing tunnel AOB, which is conneted to AB at A and B. where OA is perpendicular to OB.A cat is sitting at P inside the tunnel AB making the shortest possible distance between O and P. such that AO: PB=30:32 When a train before entering into the tunnel AB makes a whistle (or siren) somewhere before A, the jackal and cat run towards A, they meet with accident (with the train) at the entrance A. Further if the cat moves towards B instead of A it again meets with accident at the exit of the tunnel by the same train coming from the same direction.
If jackal moves towards OPA, it will meet with train at M_1 then AM_1 is:



3)Both (a) and (b)

4)Can't be determined

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