Two boats start at the same instant to cross a river W metre wide. The faster boat reachesthe other bank and returns back immediately. What are the distances travelled by them when they meet, where the speeds of these boats are b_1& b_2?

1)2W/((b_1+b_2 ) ),2W/((b_1-b_2 ) )

2)2W/((b_1+b_2 ) ) b_1 and 2W/((b_1+b_2 ) ) b_2

3)W/((b_(1+) b_2 ) ) b_1,W/((b_1+b_2 ) ) b_2

4)data insufficient

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    2W/((b_1+b_2 ) ) b_1 and 2W/((b_1+b_2 ) ) b_2

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