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DescriptionZoology QUESTIONS and Answers exams contains the questions from various competitive exams.These questions are the part of previous year paper.These kind of questions would be helpful in preparing for exams like IAS, PCS, UPSC, NDA, CDS SSC, RRB, PSC, IBPS

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Question: Harmone insulin is a-


Question: Among living organisms, which one of the following is the most responsible factor for bringing about the origin of a new species ?


Question: The wounds of face bleed profusely because-

Answer:Of its rich vascularity

Question: By which combination of chromosome a child will be male-

Answer:Y from male and X from female

Question: Main function of Golgibodies is-


Question: Genetics deals with-

Answer:Heredity and variation

Question: Which of the following features of DNA make if unequaly suited to store and transmit genetic information from generation to generation ?

Answer:Double helix

Question: Most important theory of general biology was proposed by-

Answer:Darwin and Wallace

Question: Insects that can transmit diseases to human are referred to as-


Question: Match List I (Endocrine gland) with List II (hormone secreted) and select the answer: List I A Gonads B. Pituitary C. Pancreas D. Adrenal List- II 1. Insulin 2. Progesterone 3. Growth Hormone 4. Cortisone

Answer:A2, B3, C1, D4

Question: Which one among the following statements about stomach is not correct ?

Answer:Stomach secretes liplase and amylase in gastric juice

Question: Within ecological communities, some species are important in determining the ability of a large number of other species to persist in the community such species are called-

Answer:Keystone species

Question: Which one of the following disease is caused through the would or injury or surface of unsterilized surgical instruments?


Question: Assertion (A): All the proteins in our food are digested in small intestine only. Reason (R): The protein digesting enzyme from pancreas are released into small intestine.

Answer:A is false but R is true

Question: Consider the following- 1. Blood 2. Bone 3. Ligaments 4. Tendons:-
Which of these are connective tissue-

Answer:1,2,3 and 4

Question: Consider the following types of cells- 1. Easinophil 2. Lymphocytes 3. Monocytes 4. Neutrophils: Which of the above are while blood corpuscles_

Answer:1,2,3 and 4

Question: When one gene controls two or more different characters simultaneously, the phenomena is called-


Question: Which one of the following pair is not correctly matched ?

Answer:Cowpers gland-----Intestine

Question: Daily intake of proteins, recommended for a moderately active women is-

Answer:46 Gram.

Question: The enzyme found in lysosme is-

Answer:Hydrolytic enzyme