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Question: Gross Domestic Product is the monetary value of-

Answer:all final goods and services produced in a year

Question: Which one of the following market structures has a kinked demand curve?


Question: Which of the following pairs is not correct?

Answer:III Plan - (1966 - 1971)

Question: Which of the following institutions deals with credit to Agriculture and Rural Development?


Question: As per the results of the 2011 Population Census, which of the following groups occupies the three top places in respect of literacy ?

Answer:Kerala, Lakshadweep, Mizoram

Question: District Judges in a State are appointed by the-


Question: Who will head the Jury of the Awards Committees of Padma Ratna and other highest honorary awards ?

Answer:Vice-President of if India

Question: Most important responsibility of a Welfare State is-

Answer:to check exploitation

Question: Which of the following statements are correct? 1. Assam shares a border with Bangladesh and Bhutan. 2. West Bengal shares a border with Bhutan and Nepal. 3. Mizoram shares a border with Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Answer:1, 2, 3

Question: Arrange the following Presidents in chronological order as to who came first and who came later- 1. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed 2. Zakir Hussain 3. Justice Hidayatullah 4. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Answer:2, 3, 1, 4

Question: Which one of the following events are chronologically correct ?

Answer:Civil Disobedience Movement - Quit India Movement - The Cabinet Mission Plan

Question: Who founded the Vikramasila University ?


Question: Which of the following was not known during the Rigvedic period ?

Answer:Varna system (caste)

Question: Match the following-
a. Pallavas b. Chalukyas
c. Rashtrakutas d. Hoysalas
1. Dantidurg 2. Vishnuvardhan
3. Simhavishnu 4. Pulakesin I

Answer:a b c d
3 4 1 2

Question: Abul Fazl wrote-


Question: Which of the following is called the "Crossroads of the Pacific" ?


Question: Which one of the following is an act of man that disturbs the ecological balance?


Question: Which one is not correctly matched?

Answer:Longcoy - Russia

Question: How many States in India are coastal ?


Question: International boundary between India and Pakistan is demarcated by-

Answer:Radcliffe Line