Upper Subordinate 2011

Exam NameUpper Subordinate 2011
Descriptionupper subordinate prelims solved question paper 2011

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Question: Which among the following is the largest software company in India ?


Question: Which one of the following is different from the others from the point of view of ownership ?

Answer:Debenture of a Company

Question: In the Union Budget 2011 - 12, the effective rate of interest for fanners on timely repayment of the bank loan is

Answer:4 percent

Question: Athapoo " is associated with which of the following festivals ?


Question: Match List - I with List - II and select the correct answer from the code given below:
List - I List - II
A. Pandit Durgalal 1. Instrumental Music
B. Lalgudi Jayaraman 2. Dance
C. Bala Murali Krishna 3. Painting
D. Amrita Shergil 4. Vocal Music

Answer:a 2 b1 c4 d3

Question: South Indian festival of "Onam" is associated with which of the following ?


Question: Which of the following crops are grown mainly in the irrigated areas during Zaid ?

Answer:Arhar and Gram

Question: The largest producer of Sugar in India is


Question: Which of the following authority sanctions foreign exchange for the import of goods ?

Answer:Reserve Bank of India

Question: Golden rice has the highest quantity of

Answer:Vitamin A

Question: Which one of the following is useful in the treatment of scurvy disease ?


Question: A letter of credit has to be produced by

Question: Which organisation promotes the foreign trade ?

Question: The main source of fund for the National Highway Authority of India is

Question: MODVAT is related to

Answer:Value Added Tax (VAT)

Question: More than one-third of the crude steel production of the world comes from


Question: The Sun City is located in

Answer:South Africa

Question: The correct descending order of the leading producers of milk is

Answer:India, U.S.A., China, Russia

Question: Match List - I and List - II and select the correct answer from the code given below the lists:
List - I List - II
(Iron-Steel Centre) (Country)
A. Hamilton 1. China
B. Birmingham 2. Canada
C. Essen 3. U.K.
D. Anshan 4. Germany

Answer:c) 2 3 4 1

Question: Import procedure begins with