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Madhya Pradesh P.S.C.Pre. 2008 Geography

Exam NameMadhya Pradesh P.S.C.Pre. 2008 Geography
DescriptionMadhya Pradesh P.S.C. State Service (Pre.) Exam., 2008 Geography
Exam Date:11-01-2009

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Question: Which of the following pairs does not match ?

Answer:Cape Cairo Railway—Warsaw to Madrid

Question: Which is the largest canal of the world ?

Answer:Bhakra canal

Question: Which of the following are connected by Suez canal ?

Answer:Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea

Question: Which of the following ports is not situated at Pacific coast ?


Question: Which of the following airports is not situated at New York-Tokyo air route ?


Question: Which of the following occupations is not related to tertiary economy ?

Answer:Hunting and gathering

Question: In which region of the world are nights the winters ?

Answer:Tropical desert region

Question: Which of the following is not the most developed part of the world ?


Question: The school of Environmental Determinism was born in—


Question: Who was the father of the school of possibilism ?


Question: Which of the following is secondary consumer ?

Answer:None of these

Question: How much is the area of India ?

Answer:32,87,263 sq. km

Question: Which is the southern-most point of India ?

Answer:Indira point

Question: From economic point of view, the most important rocks are—


Question: The stretch of the Himalayas between the Indus and the Sutlej rivers is called—

Answer:The Punjab Himalayas

Question: The flood plain along river banks formed by newer alluvium is called—


Question: Which river is known as the Sorrow of Bihar‘ ?


Question: In which state are the Mahadeo hills located ?

Answer:Madhya Pradesh

Question: The Kalabaisakhis‘ originate during—


Question: What type of forests are the Sunderbans‘ ?

Answer:Tidal forests