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Interview at Mindtree Limited(Bangalore): Vipin Kumar

Interview Month: February 2014

I got a call from Mindtree for face to face discussion. There were total of four rounds :

1st Round:Written Technical objective test

In Inheritance concept, which of the following members of base class are accessible to derived class members?
      a) static b) protected c) private  d) shared   


 Which statements among following are correct?
        a) We can derive a class from a base class even if source code of base class not available
        b) Multiple inheritance is different from multiple levels of inheritance
        c) Creating a derived class from base class requires fundamental changes to base class
        d) It is legal to make objects of one class as members of another class  

Which form of inheritance is not supported directly by C# .NET?
         a) Multiple inheritance        
         b) Multilevel inheritance
         c) Single inheritance
         d) Hierarchical inheritance

        Answer: Multiple Inheritance

Which of the following are true about constructors and member functions? 
           a.     A constructor can return values, but a member function cannot 
           b.     A member function can declare and define values, but a constructor cannot 
           c.     A member function can return values, but a constructor cannot 
           d.     All of the above

           Answer:A member function can return values, but a constructor cannot

Which of the following is capable of returning multiple rows and multiple columns from the database? 
           a.    ExecuteReader  b.    ExecuteXmlReader   c.    DataAdapter  d.    All of the above

           Answer: All of the above

Which of the following are not C# value types? 
          a. long    b. bool    c. struct    d. class   e. string

          Answer: class, string (reference types)

Questions on method overloading and overriding.
Question on ref and out parameters.

Question on joins in
SQL server.

2nd Round: Technical online system test

Write a logic to find mean mode median such that all the Unit Tests
which they had provided should pass.

3rd Round: Technical Interview

Questions on Data structures.
Questions on Virtual and
override keywords
Questions on Generic collections
How will you get time from datetime field in SQL Server?
What is Database
What is self join?
What is difference between primary key and unique key?
what are triggers in SQL Server?

4th Round: Managerial Round

Tell me something about yourself?
Tell me about your past projects?
What are your achievements in
your past project?
What are your strengths and weakness?
Salary Discussion.