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GK Questions and Answers Tips and Tricks for Competitive Exams

Tips and Tricks on GK for SSC, UPSC, IBPS or any Competitive Exams Preparation 

This blog will help  students preparing for competitive Exams like SSC, UPSC, IBPS, Bank Exams etc to learn Tricks on General Knowledge Questions and Answers. These tips and tricks will help aspirants to remember the questions and answers for competitive exams in simple way.

We are trying to help students to get idea to create their own tricks for remembering Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams. These shortcut tips and tricks for exam preparation are really helpful if you create it in a way you can remember.

A simple trick to remember GK questions and answers:

1. What is the Composition of Petrol : Petrol is like water H20 ( Hexane, Heptane, Octane)

2. Indian Presidents who got “bharat ratna” –
trick :- RaDha JA GIRI KAmal par.
1. RAjendra prashad
2. RaDha krishnan
3. JAkir hussain
4. GIRI (V.V. Giri)
5. KAlam (A.P.J. Abdul kalam)

Shortcut Tips and Tricks to learn GK for SSC CGL, UPSC, IBPS, Bank Exams or any competitive Exams:

Many people remember the questions and answers if they attemp some online exam or quiz where they can get their score and percentage. Here we provide few online exams, quiz to check you knowledge on GK for various competitive Exams.

After attempting these online exams, you will come to know about question pattern for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, UPSC, RRB, IBPS and other Competitive Exams.

Indian GK for Competitive Exams preparation:

GK Online Exam Set 1 for competitive Exams Preparation:

GK Online Exam Set 2 for competitive Exams Preparation:

GK Online Exam Set 3 for competitive Exams Preparation:


Complete General Knowledge for SSC CHSL, UPSC, IBPS and Competitive Exams Preparation: