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Online Exams for competitive Exams, Know where you stand among all

Participate and evaluate yourself in an Online Competition for all competitive Exams

Have Questions on any topic? any category? any Exam?

We have an answer for you.

Quhasa provides an opportunity to all students and youngsters to participate in online Exams,Online QuizOnline Ranker Test and get to know their ranks among all users.


Online Ranker exam on General Knowledge:

General Knowledge Exam Set 1

General Knowledge Exam Set 2


Online Ranker exam on History:

History Exam for competitive exams Set 1

History Exam for competitive exams Set 2

It provides a platform for students to gain knowledge on various categories which will be helpful to crack any competitive exam.
Students preparing for SSC, UPSC, IAS etc can register and access online exams free of cost.

Online Exam for English for various competitive exams here:

English one word substitution questions Exam

English Active Passsive Voice Exam for Competitive Exams

Quhasa provides all of us  a platform where we can share our knowledge and help others to crack the exams.

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  1. Create Public test.
  2. Add your set of questions or existing questions from Quhasa.
  3. Assign this test to your friends using their email ids.
  4. Check their score in 'My Page' Section.

Freely access every exam and learn and share your questions!