Chhattisgarh Preliminary Exam of CGPSC 2013 QUESTIONS

Exam NameChhattisgarh Preliminary Exam of CGPSC 2013 QUESTIONS
DescriptionHere Quhasa is provided solved Previous year Question paper of Chhattisgarh State Civil Services Preliminary Exam 2013 conducted by Chhattishgarh Public Service Commission Raipur. Pre Exam of Chhattisgarh PCS held on June 9th 2013 CGPCS. Pre exam consist two paped General Studies I and General studies -II. Here candidates can get idea for upcoming Exam for Chhattishgarh PSC papers. Chhattishgarh PSC has announced change in examination date for Civil services (Preliminary) exam 2014. Now the Examination will be conducted on 7th June 2015. Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission organized examination for 325 posts of State Officials. More detail is available on the Government official Web-site Candidate who qualify the Preliminary exam will have to appear in Main exam and then interview . We are providing here solved papers of the Previous year questions for the candidate who are preparing for appearing in up coming exam , studying which candidate can improved their performance.
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Question: Which of the following places is not a headquarter of Development Block in Chhattisgarh ?


Question: In which district of Chhattisgarh Borai Industrial area exists ?


Question: At which place of Chhattisgarh Jute industry exists ?


Question: Cement industries are found at following places in Raipur district:
1. Hirmi 2.Baikunth 3. Jamul 4. Tilda-Newra

Answer:1, 2 and 3

Question: In which district of CG there is no silk industry ?


Question: Match the following List-I (Buildings) and List-II (Rulers) List-I A.Qutub Minar B. Gol Gumbaz C. Buland Darwaja D. Moti Masjid List - II: 1. Muhammad Adil Shah 2. Iltutmish 3. Aurangzeb 4. Akbar

Answer:A2 B1 C4 D3

Question: From the following painters who is/are associated with Bengal School of Modern Painting :
1. Ramanand Chatterjee 2. Raja Ravi Verma 3. Nandlal Ghosh 4. M.F. Hussain

Answer:1 and 3

Question: Who among the following can participate in the deliberations of Lok Sabha while being a member of Rajya sabha ?

Answer:Minister who is a member of Rajya Sabha

Question: Which of the following States does not have Bicameral Legislature ?

Answer:Tamil Nadu

Question: Prime Minister of India is


Question: Which noted Naxal leader was imprisoned at Khamman of AP in March 2013 ?


Question: Who has been apprehended recently for scam in the Adarsh Gas Agency, Chandkhuri ?


Question: AT which place in CG houses and shops were demolished for widening road in January 2013?


Question: AT which place near Balodabazar and serious accident took place in the Ambuja cement plant on 31 january 2013 ?


Question: In which sector the Chief Minister of C G has declared to establish a commission ?

Question: Currently which of the following commodity category has the maximum share in India's imports ?

Answer:Petroleum Products

Question: Which of the following industries provides the maximum employment in India ?


Question: Due to inflation:

Answer:Above two

Question: Match the following List-I and List-II: LIST-I; A John Guttenberg B. W.K.Roentgen C. Michael Faraday D. alexander Graham Bell LIST - II; 1. Telephone 2. Printing Press 3. X-Ray 4. Dynamo

Answer:A2 B3 C4 D1

Question: For normal eyes what is the minimum distance for clear vision ?

Answer:25 cm