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Banking awareness

Exam NameBanking awareness

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Question: IFSC in a cheque means:

Answer:All the above

Question: "Hundi" is a

Answer:Bill of exchange

Question: Banking Industry has been declared as public utility service for purpose of

Answer:Industrial Disputes Act

Question: Bank would prefer to mobilize deposits under Savings Bank accounts, because:

Answer:All of the above

Question: Basic Objective of SEBI is/are:

Answer:All of the above

Question: Customer Day in the bank is on and customers are allowed to meet the top officials of the bank on this day in every month:


Question: "Allonge" is

Answer:A piece of paper attached to a negotiable instrument for making available more space for further endorsements

Question: NEFT is useful because:

Answer:All the above

Question: Mutual Fund Scheme that operates continuously without any limit entry for subscriptions and redemptions is:

Answer:Open Ended

Question: PAN number is required for all transactions above:

Answer:Rs. 50,000

Question: Banking Ombudsman services are available to:

Answer:All the above

Question: An asset, including a leased asset, becomes non-performing when:

Answer:It ceases to generate income for the bank

Question: Counter guarantee means a guarantee obtained:

Answer:By bank from customers on whose behalf the banks have to issue guarantees in favour of third parties, such as government department, Public bodies, Corporations etc.

Question: Which of the following statements is correct about banks?

Answer:Banks can accept both demand and time deposits from public.

Question: The RBI issued the following guidelines for effective Asset Liability Management System

Answer:All of the above

Question: The major responsibilities of Asset Liability Committee are

Answer:All of the above

Question: What is "NIKKET"

Answer:Share price Index of Tokyo share market

Question: Asia's oldest stock exchange which completed 140 years of operations on 2015 July 9?


Question: The bank allowed by the FIPB to raise its FII cap to 55% recently:

Answer:Kotak Mahindra Bank

Question: Gilt - Edged Market refers to:

Answer:Most secured investment