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Question: Which is the Correct Code about the marketing?

Answer:P = Product

Question: In Bank 'Sovereignty' word may be used for _________

Answer:Bank's Customer

Question: Old concept of marketing includes _________

Answer:Sales and Sales Promotion

Question: Any paid form of non personal presentation of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor is known as ____________


Question: _________ are the retailers who have no fixed place of business.

Answer:Itinerant retailers

Question: Why is Marketing a social-economic activity ?

Answer:Marketing is related with Social Staisfaction

Question: Which is the base of Customer-oriented Concept of Marketing?

Answer:Customeris king of market

Question: Motives which are driven by learning, perception and attitude are known as ___________

Answer:Rational motives

Question: The term ________ marketing was coined by Steven Jurvetson in 1997.


Question: Which is the feature of Rural Market?

Answer:Number of Consumer

Question: _________ is all the written or spoken matter in an advertisement expressed in words or sentences and figures designed to convey the message.

Answer:ad copy

Question: 'Sense and respond' concept is related with _________

Answer:Modern Marketing Concept

Question: Transport system creates ___________ utility.

Answer:Time utility

Question: _________ is not a function of wholesaler

Answer:None of these

Question: Which concept of market is based on Customer Welfare and Satisfaction?

Answer:Social Marketing Concept

Question: The negative feeling which arise after purchase causing inner tension is known as__________

Answer:All of these

Question: Which is/are cause(es) of increasing importance of marketing concept?

Answer:All of these

Question: Market where money is lend and borrowed

Answer:Money market

Question: Which of the following are the elements of product positioning?

Answer:All of these

Question: Which of the following is importance of e-marketing?

Answer:all of these