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Question: Which of the following is not a method of cost based pricing?

Answer:Differential Pricing

Question: __________ pricing means assigning a low price tag for a product and providing the benefits of low-cost mass production to the customers.


Question: General rural markets where rural /tribal people gather once or twice a week on afixed day to exchange/to sell their produce is called____________

Answer:Regular periodic market

Question: The major four elements of distribution mix are channels of distribution,transportation, Warehousing, and ___________


Question: _____________ is the marketing of a social message with a view to change behavior of people's habit.

Answer:Social marketing

Question: Which is Centre Point of marketing concept?


Question: Which is modern means of 'quick response to customer's problems'?

Answer:Toll Free Phone

Question: Individualisation is process of ____________

Answer:Customer relationship management

Question: ____________ is a system of branch shops operated under a centralised management and dealing in similar lines of goods.

Answer:Multiple shops

Question: What does Marketing involve?

Answer:All of these

Question: In Consumer-orientation, bank considers _________

Answer:All of these

Question: A Campaign is a ___________

Answer:Specific message being sent to a specific group of recipients

Question: Which is the subject matter of Marketing?

Answer:Product or Service

Question: Departmental store is an example of

Answer:Large scale retailer

Question: Products designed to meet global segments are _________

Answer:Global Products

Question: The three major types of non store retailing are direct selling, direct marketing and ___________

Answer:Automatic vending

Question: Markets located in the heart of the region specialising in few crops like banana , onions etc are called __________

Answer:Seasonal market

Question: Which is the assumption of Societal Marketing?

Answer:Godown and Transportation System

Question: Profit through Customer Satisfaction Is aimed in __________concept


Question: ___________ refers to the way a service provider and his employees anticipate what the customers want and provide them before they ask for service to make them delighted and surprised.