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Question: ________ brands indicate only the product category


Question: _________ means placement of company product or products in the minds of target consumers relative to the competitive products.

Answer:Product positioning

Question: CRM is helpful in ___________

Answer:New product development and planning

Question: Which is the pillar of marketing concept?

Answer:Customer orientation

Question: When a firm sets a very low price for one or more of its products with the intention of driving its competitors out of business?

Answer:Psychological Pricing

Question: ___________ marketing refers to achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies such as web sites.


Question: What does Marketing comprise?

Answer:Buying and Selling activities

Question: What does certain market mean?

Answer:The place where functions of marketing is exercised

Question: ___________ channel is one in which two or companies join together to exploit a marketing opportunity either by themselves or by creating an independent unit.

Answer:Horizontal channel

Question: Which is the benefits of marketing to the nation?

Answer:All of these

Question: Online marketing is the marketing of Products or Services over the ___________


Question: The strategy where the producer or marketer does not differentiate between different type of customers

Answer:Undifferentiated Marketing

Question: In marketing, MRP stands for

Answer:Marketing public relation

Question: Which of the following is not an element of service marketing mix?


Question: New concept of marketing includes _________

Answer:Needs and Requirements of customer

Question: Selling includes ___________

Answer:Transfer of title from the seller to the buyer

Question: Which of the following is not a limitation of branding?

Answer:It reduces selling efforts

Question: Social class is an element of_______factor


Question: Products seen as only suitable in one single market are ___________

Answer:Local Products

Question: SEM means ________

Answer:Search engine marketing