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Question: The nature of marketing involves ____________

Answer:All of these

Question: ___________ is not a pre test to evaluate advertising effectiveness

Answer:Recognition test

Question: The process of assessing the relative worth of different market segments and selecting one or more segments in which to compete is called ___________

Answer:Target marketing

Question: Which of the following is not an element of Social marketing mix?


Question: The companies that have become a tried and trusted household name are ___________

Answer:Positioned by Corporate Identity

Question: Which of the following is not a factor influencing pricing policy ?

Answer:None of these

Question: A security tool to verify the authenticity of the message and claimed identity ofthe sender and to verify the message integrity is

Answer:digital signature

Question: Introducing a product at low price and increasing the price once the brand succeeds is known as ________ pricing.


Question: An airline working with a tour operator or a hotel group is an example of __________ marketing


Question: Which is Customer and Society-oriented Concept of Marketing?

Answer:Societal Marketing Concept

Question: Which is the sources of market information?

Answer:All of these

Question: The process of direct communication between the sales person and a prospect is called _________

Answer:Personal selling

Question: _________ is an integration of marketing activities directed towards customer satisfaction.

Answer:Marketing Concept

Question: Which is/are marketing activities?

Answer:All of these

Question: Blue revolution refers to ___________


Question: Marketing is important to

Answer:All of these

Question: The act of creating an image about a product or brand in the consumers mind is known as __________


Question: A computer based system that facilitates the transfer of money or the processing of financial transactions between two financial institutions the same day or overnight is ____________


Question: Setting price on the basis of the total cost per unit is known as ___________

Answer:Cost Based Pricing

Question: What does the market analysis function include?

Answer:All of these