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Question: The major responsibilities of Asset Liability Committee are

Answer:All of the above

Question: What is "NIKKET"

Answer:Share price Index of Tokyo share market

Question: Asia's oldest stock exchange which completed 140 years of operations on 2015 July 9?


Question: The bank allowed by the FIPB to raise its FII cap to 55% recently:

Answer:Kotak Mahindra Bank

Question: Gilt - Edged Market refers to:

Answer:Most secured investment

Question: Which of the following terms is not used in the world of finance, banking and insurance?


Question: Which of the following organizations/ agencies frame the Monetary and Credit Policy which is followed by all banks in India?

Answer:Reserve Bank of India

Question: Upper limit prescribed for RTGS transaction is:

Answer:No upper limit is prescribed

Question: Which of the following bank launched "Project Tatkal" to expedite home loan applications?

Answer:HDFC Bank

Question: Taking banking technology to the common man is the tagline of:

Answer:Indian Bank

Question: What is 'Special Crossing'?

Answer:Any bank's name with or without two parallel lines and payable to collecting banker only.

Question: What is the rate of penalty applicable for payment of term deposit Pre maturely to legal heirs of a decreased customer on the request of the legal heirs?

Answer:No penalty is to be applied

Question: A person introducing an account to a bank is liable for

Answer:Establishing proper identity of the account holder only and no financial accountability in case
of any fraud etc.

Question: Which of the following does not find mention in the Negotiable Instrument Act?

Answer:Double crossing

Question: The Financial Results of the banks and other organisations normally are expressed in quarters. What does Q-I mean?

Answer:Performance during April- June

Question: Who is the regulator of payment and settlement system in India?


Question: The Gilt-Edged security market is the market for which of the following?

Answer:Market for government securities

Question: The IT firm which has launched, BaNCS Digital, specifically for American retail banks:


Question: The international bank which has announced to cut up to 50,000 jobs globally


Question: The stake the RBI has allowed banks to acquire in companies defaulting after restructuring of their loans upto:

Answer:61 percent