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Question: In Marketing CRM stands for ___________

Answer:Customer Relationship Management

Question: What does ESP stand for?

Answer:Email Service Provider

Question: Market where there is no physical delivery of goods is ___________

Answer:Future market

Question: What does Marketing include?

Answer:All of these

Question: Which is the term of 'Digital Marketing'?


Question: _________ is not a commercial advertising

Answer:Shortage ad

Question: What is true about marketing ?

Answer:An Art and Science

Question: Which is the risk for marketing?

Answer:Change in the demand of goods

Question: ___________ are those who obtain title to goods with a view to selling them at profit

Answer:Merchant middlemen

Question: Societal Marketing Concept involves _________

Answer:All of these

Question: What does the market information include?

Answer:All of these

Question: What is after sale service of the bank?

Answer:To make the payment after or on maturity of Fixed deposits

Question: Which is the type of marketing concept?

Answer:All of these

Question: ATM Centre of the bank is a means of-

Answer:Direct marketing

Question: Revival plans to reintroduce the product in more modified form is adopted in ________ stage of PLC.


Question: Which is a function of marketing?

Answer:All of these

Question: A digital analog of various forms of payment backed by a bank or financial institution is ___________


Question: Which is the activity of stock market?

Answer:Share and debentures are purchased and sold

Question: Marketing is an Integrated System of action that creates values in goods through its creation of form, place, time and ___________

Answer:Ownership utilities

Question: ___________ Is a specialized form of online identity theft.