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BPSC Combined (Pre) 2011

Exam NameBPSC Combined (Pre) 2011

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Question: 'Do or Die' is associated with the following movement

Answer:Quit India

Question: With whose efforts was Second Bihar Provincial Congress Session held?

Answer:Shri Deepnarayan Singh

Question: At which place was the 27th Session of the Indian National Congress held?

Question: The 16th Session of Bihari Students' Conference at Hazaribag took place in


Question: The editor of 'Bihari', a leading newspaper of Bihar, was

Answer:Babu Maheshwar Prasad

Question: Raj Kumar Shukla was resident of the village

Answer:Murli Bharhawa

Question: Shri Nivaranchandra Dasgupta belonged to


Question: Kunwar Singh was the King of


Question: Lord Sinha had resigned in 1921 from the post of Governor of


Question: The value of x - [y - {z - (x - y - z)}j is

Question: If the function f : I --? R, f(x) = log x then the value of f(x) + f(y) is

Answer:f (x/y)

Question: The median of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 is


Question: The length of the minute hand of a clock is 12 cm. Then the area swept by the minute hand in one minute will be

Question: A player completes 2200-metre race in any circular path with 7 revolutions. Then the radius of the circular path is ( 1t = ~2)

Answer:50 metres

Question: The coordinates of the mid- point on joining the points P (4, 6) and Q (- 4, 8) will be

Answer:(0, 7)

Question: In triangle PQR if L.P = 1200 and PQ = PR, then L. Q and L.R will be respectively

Answer:30°, 30°

Question: The value of is lim X→0

Answer:loge ~ b

Question: The visible range of solar radiation is

Answer:400-700 nm

Question: Plants which grow on saline soils are


Question: Environment is a composite state of

Answer:All of the above