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Combined preliminary Exam BPCS General Studies 2014-2015

Exam NameCombined preliminary Exam BPCS General Studies 2014-2015
DescriptionThe Bihar Public service commission (BPSC) has conducted successfully common combined (PRE) competitive Examination on 15th March 2015 and 10 question were asked in the Exam. General studies question paper contains G.K. question, mathematics, logicl type question G.K. question from History , Politics, economics, Current Affairs, Geography, and science. Candidates who qualify the Bihar common Combined preliminary examination are eligible for Bihar PCS main exam. 2015. and then Interview for final selection. We are providing the solved Previous year question papers held on 15th march 2015 for appeared candidate and the candidates who are preparing for appearing in up coming exam studying which candidates can improve their performanceand know their approximately marks scored in the examination before the declaration of BPCS result 2015 to get themselves prepared for the main exam.
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Question: The Union Health Minister launched Mental Health Policy on :

Answer:10th October 2014

Question: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Saansad Adarsh Grom Youjna on :

Answer:11th October 2014

Question: The 11th Metropolls Congress was organised in Hyderabad in :

Answer:October 2014

Question: In which area was the Indo-US military exercise " Yudh Abhayas 2014 held ?

Answer:Ranikhet (Uttarakhan )

Question: Which of the following groups of political parties could not win a single seat in the 16th Lok Sabha eelection ?

Answer:DMK, RLD, National Conference, BSP

Question: President Pranab Mukherjee on 7th October 2014 presented the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award for excellence in Public Administration, Academics and Management for the year 2014 to:


Question: Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the 7th Central pay commission constituted by the Government of Indian in February 2014 ?

Answer:Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur

Question: Justice J.S.Verma Committee's Report 2013 deals with:

Answer:Change in law pertaining to offences women

Question: How many members are elected from Bihar to the Lok Sabha ?


Question: Who founded the Pagal Panth ?

Answer:Karam Shah

Question: Who were the Faraizis :

Answer:Followers of Haji Shariatullah

Question: The Correct geographical Location of the Ramosi Uprising was :

Answer:Western Ghats

Question: The Waghera Uprising happened in :


Question: In order to control the media in India 'Acts" were passed in :

Answer:1835, 1867, 1878, 1908

Question: The process of split in the Congress in the early years of the twentieth century began over:

Answer:Strategies of the Congress Movement
Answer:Objectives of the Congress Movement
Answer:Participation of the people in the Congress Movemet
Answer:All of the above

Question: New Lamps for Old' was a series of articles (1893-94) that criticized the Congress for being out of touch with the 'proletariat'. Who was the author of these articles ?

Answer:Aurobindo Ghose

Question: Fill in the blanks:
The Nehru Report was drafted by a Committee headed by -------------------and the subject was --------------------------

Answer:Motilal Nehru: Constitutional arrangements in India

Question: What was the common relationship between katherine Mayo, Aldous Huxley, Charles Andrews and William Digby ?

Answer:They wrote commentaries on the condition of India during the British rule.

Question: Who penned the following lines ? "Sarfaroshi Ki tamanana ab hamare dil me hai/dekhna hai zor kitna baju-e- qatil me hai"


Question: Who raised the demand of Complete Independence' for the first time in 1921 ?

Answer:Maulana Hasrat Mohani