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CPMT Entrance Exam Solved Paper 2008

Exam NameCPMT Entrance Exam Solved Paper 2008
DescriptionThis exam will contain all questions asked in Combined Pre medical Test CPMT Entrance Exam 2008

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Question: Match column A (Types of fruits) with column B (Examples) then select the correct answer from the options given below-
Column A
a. Lomentum
b. Samara
c. Achene
d. Amphisacra

Column B
1) Aegle
2) Mirabilis
3) Acacia
4) Acer
a b c d

Answer:3 4 2 1

Question: Phototropic and geotropic movements in plants have been traced to be linked with-


Question: The first case of polyembryony was reported in certain orange seeds by-

Answer:None of the above

Question: When the change from sol into gel is reversible, the colloid is called-

Answer:Reversible colloid

Question: The nuclear spindle consists of-

Answer:Three types of fibres

Question: Which of the following types of RNA takes a message from DNA in the nucleus to the
ribosomes in the cytoplasm ?


Question: 'The imbibition theory of ascent of sap' was first suggested by-


Question: The maximum transpiration occurs in-

Answer:Mesophytic plants

Question: The transfer of minerals from top soil to subsoil through soil-water is called-


Question: One of the important evolutionary features of alternation of generation from algae to
flowering plants is-

Answer:Gradual elaboration of sporophyte

Question: Circular DNA is found in-

Answer:All of the above

Question: Which of the following respiratory substrates has the highest value of respiratory quotient ?

Answer:Malic acid

Question: Who described mitochondria as bioplast ?


Question: Which of the following statements is/are correct regarding microtubules ?

Answer:All of the above statements are correct

Question: The term 'chromatophore' was coined by-


Question: Phytotron is a device by which-

Answer:Plants are grown in controlled environment

Question: Annual (growth) rings are formed by the activity of-


Question: The chief components of Hill's reaction used in Blackmann's reactions are-

Answer:ATP and NADPH2

Question: The process of the escape of liquid from the tip of uninjured leaf is called-


Question: The primitive type of stomata are found in-

Answer:Apophysis of capsule