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CSAT IAS 2015- paper1

Exam NameCSAT IAS 2015- paper1
DescriptionUnion Public Service Commission IAS Preliminary 2015 exam, CSAT IAS 2015 solved paper

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Question: With reference to the cabinet mission, which of the following statement is/are correct?
1)It recommended a federal government.
2)It enlarged the power of Indian court
3)It provided for more Indians in the ICS.
Select the correct answer using the code given below?

Answer:1 only

Question: Which one of the following national park has a climate that varies from tropical to subtropical, temperate and arctic?

Answer:Namdapha National park

Question: Amnesty international is

Answer:a global human right movement

Question: With reference to art and archaeological history of India, which one among the following was made earliest?

Answer:Rock cut elephant at dhauli

Question: With reference to Indian history which one of the following is/are the essential element/elements of the feudal system?
1)A very strong centralized political authority and a very weak provincial or local political authority
2)Emergence of administrative structure based on control and possession of land
3)Creation of lord vassal relationship between the feudal lord and his overlord

Select the correct answer using the code given below

Answer:1 and 2 only

Question: "BioCarbon fund initiative for sustainable forest landscape" is managed by the

Answer:World bank

Question: India is member f which among the following?
1.Asia-Pacific Economic cooperation
2. Association of south east Asian nation
3. East Asia Summit

Select the correct answer using the code given below

Answer:3 only

Question: In India Steel production industry requires import of

Answer:coking coal

Question: The provisions in fifth schedule and sixth schedule in the constitution of India are made in order to

Answer:Protect the interest of scheduled tribes

Question: Consider the following states:
1. Arunachal pradesh
2.Himachal pradesh
3. Mizoram
In which of the above states do "Tropical Wet Evergreen Forests" occur?

Answer:a and 3

Question: With reference to the Union Government, Consider the following statements:
1)The department of revenue is responsible for the preparation of the union budget that is presented to the parliament.
2)No amount can be withdrawn from the consolidated fund of India without the authorization from the parliament of the India.
3)All the disbursement made from the public Amount also need the authorization from the parliament of the India.

Which of the following given above is/are correct?

Answer:2 only

Question: The term 'IndARC', sometimes seen in the news, is the name of?

Answer:India;s underwater observatory to scientifica;lly study the arctic region.

Question: Who/Which of the following is the custodian of the constitution of the India?

Answer:The Supreme court of India

Question: With reference to an organization known as BirdLife International, which of the following statements are true?
1. Itis global partnership of conservation organization
2.The concept of biodiversity hotspots originated from these organizations
3. it identifies the sites known/referred to as "important bird and biodiversity areas.

Select the correct answer using the code below:

Answer:1 and 3 only

Question: Which of the following country of south west Asia does not open out to mediterranian sea?


Question: In india which of the following types of forest is take a dominant tree species?

Answer:Tropical moist deciduous forest

Question: With reference to Indian Ocean Rim Association for regional cooperation (IOR-ARC), Consider the following statements:
1) It was established very recently in response to the incident of piracy and accidents of oil spills.
2)It is an alliance meant for maritime security only

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

Answer:Neither 1 nor 2

Question: wITH REFERENCE TO INDIAN ECONOMY , consider the following statements:
1. The rate of growth of real gross domestic product has steadily increased in the last decade.
2. The GDP at market prices in Rupees has steadily increased in the last decade .
Which if bove statement are correct?


Question: Which of the following movements has contributed to a split in the indian national congress resulting in the emergence of 'moderate' and 'extremist'?

Answer:Swadeshi Movement

Question: Consider the following styatement:
1. The legislative council of state in india can be larger in size than half of the legislative assembly of that particular state:
2. The governor of a state nominates the chairman of the legislative counsil of that articular state.
Which of the above statement are correct?