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Exam NameIndian Geography QUESTIONS
DescriptionIndian Geography QUESTIONS and Answers exams contains the questions from various competitive exams.These questions are the part of previous year paper.These kind of questions would be helpful in preparing for exams like IAS, PCS, UPSC, NDA, CDS SSC, RRB, PSC, IBPS

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Question: The World's highest Rail Bridge under construction in the State of Jammu and Kashmir will be on which of the following rivers?


Question: The headquarters of Northern Railway is at

Answer:New Delhi

Question: The headquarters of South-Central Railways is situated at


Question: Soluble salt content of soil is determined by measuring its-

Answer:Electrical Conductivity

Question: Which one of the following is the oldest mountain range in India ?


Question: As per Census 2001, which of the following States has the lowest density of population ?


Question: With which crop has Green Revolution been associated ?


Question: Minor irrigation scheme comprises several types of works with capacities to irrigate upto -

Answer:1000 ha

Question: Which one of the following rivers forms an estuary ?


Question: Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?


Question: Which is the highest peak in Andaman and Nicobar Islands ?

Answer:Saddle Peak

Question: A platform surrounded by rail lines from all the four sides, is called

Answer:island platform

Question: The ore of Aluminium is :


Question: The East Central Railway zone Headquarters is located at-


Question: What is Khetri in Rajasthan famous for ?

Answer:Copper mines

Question: Most of Indian's oil refineries are located near sea port because-

Answer:India needs much crude oil which is imported.

Question: Match list -I (Multipurpose River Project) with (Hydel Power Station) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:-
List I: a. Rihand b. Gandak c. Chambal d.Mahanadi List- II: 1.Hirakund 2. Balmikinagar 3. Pipri 4. Kota

Answer:A3, B2, C4, D1

Question: Which of the following is not a merit of green revolution ?

Answer:Regional imbalance

Question: Bisrampur is famous for the mining of"”

Answer: Coal

Question: Northwesters or Kal Baishakhi give rainfall to:

Answer:West Bengal