Indian Geography QUESTIONS

Exam NameIndian Geography QUESTIONS
DescriptionIndian Geography QUESTIONS and Answers exams contains the questions from various competitive exams.These questions are the part of previous year paper.These kind of questions would be helpful in preparing for exams like IAS, PCS, UPSC, NDA, CDS SSC, RRB, PSC, IBPS

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Question: Besides Mahrashtra, Karnataka and Goa, which of the following is the fourth State for
Konakan Railway Project?


Question: How much is the area of India ?

Answer:32,87,263 sq. km

Question: Highest Gravity dam in the world is-


Question: The number of international air port at present is-


Question: Which of the following leaf modification
occurs/occur in desert areas to inhibit water
1. Hard and waxy leaves
2. Tiny leaves or no leaves
3. Thorns instead of leaves
Select the correct answer using the codes given

Answer:1, 2 and 3

Question: Punjab stands -------in the production of diesel engines-


Question: The percentage increase in total population during the year 2001-2011 was lowest in the State of-


Question: Folk drama "Rahula" is associated with one of the following regions of U. P. ?

Answer:Bundelkhand Region

Question: Which of the following statements regarding red soil of India is/are correct ? 1. The colour of the soil is red due to ferric oxide. 2. Red soils are rich in lime, humus and potash 3. They are porous and have friable structure.
Find your answer from the given code:

Answer:1 and 3 only

Question: In U.P. the Kharif crop is sown during-

Answer:June - July

Question: Which of the following adds/add nitrogen to
the soil ?
1. Execretion of urea by animals
2. Burning of coal by man
3. Death of vegetation
Select the correct answer using the codes given

Answer:1 and 3 only

Question: Which state of India is the largest producer of copper ?


Question: Which of the following states has the largest reserves of coal ?


Question: The river Narmada begins from which of the mountains ?


Question: Antibiotics are produced in -


Question: Match Lists-I and II and select the correct answer from the code given below : List- I: (Industry) A. Paper B. Cement C. Iron & Steel D.Mineral Oil Refinery List-II (Places_-1. Ambala Mukul 2.Bhilai 3.Titagarh 4.Lakheri

Answer:A3, B4, C2, D1

Question: Korba coal field is in -

Answer:Andhra Pradesh

Question: Consider the following Pairs : Hills Region
1. Cardamom Hills : Coromandel Coast
2. Kaimur Hills : Konkan Coast
3. Mahadeo Hills : Central India
4. Mikir Hills : North-East India
Which of the above pairs is/are correctly matched

Answer:3 and 4

Question: Which State of India has recorded the highest rate of population growth in the last census (2001)?


Question: Which district in Uttar Pradesh has highest density of population according to 2011 Census ?