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Kanoon Go test UP 2014

Exam NameKanoon Go test UP 2014

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Question: The lowest literacy rate in Uttar Pradesh was recorded in which of the following districts as per Census, 2011 ?


Question: Which among the following States had the highest production of potato in India in the year 2013 ?

Answer:Uttar Pradesh

Question: As per the data available upto June 2014 what was India's rate of economic growth in 2013-2014 ?


Question: Which of the following water falls is located in Venezuela ?

Answer:Angel Falls

Question: Which of the following mountains is located along the Rhine river?

Answer:Black Forest

Question: As on September 30' 2014 Policy Review of Reserve Bank of India Repo-rate stands at:


Question: Deen Dayal Antyodaya Yojana Launched on September 25, 2014 is related to:

Question: India born Vijai Sheshadri won the prestigious 2014 Pulitzer Prize in which of the following categories ?


Question: Sri Kailash Satyarthi of India and Malala Yusufjai of Pakistan were honoured with Nobel Prize on Dev.10'2014 at-

Answer:Oslo, Capital of Norway

Question: Which of the following Articles of the Indian Constitution provides for the creation of New All India Service ?

Answer:Article 312

Question: Article 78 of the Constitution of India lays down the duties of the:

Answer:Prime Minister

Question: The Reserve Bank of India has the power to print currency notes of rupees upto:


Question: Which among the following is the largest rubber producing State in India?


Question: Who has been awarded Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award 2014 for Public Administration, Academics and Management ?

Question: Which High Court has said in its important decision that the R.T.I.applicant should tell the reason for asking information under Right to information ?

Answer:Madras High Court

Question: According to recently released "Global Wealth Data Book 2014" by Swiss banking entity, "Credit Swisse" how much of India's wealth is held by country's 10% rich people ?


Question: In the 15th Annual Apex Meet between Russia and India on 11th December 2014 how many agreements were signed ?


Question: Bharat Bharti Samman 2013 was given on December 7, 2014 to:

Answer:Doodh Nath Singh

Question: International Yoga Day will be observed from the next year on:

Answer:June 21

Question: Communication Satellite G.Set 16 was successfully tested on:

Answer:Decenber 7, 2014