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Question: How many solar electric parks of about 500 Mega Watts have been approved for the development by the Central Cabinet, Govt. of India upto Sept. 30, 2014 ?


Question: Ms. Rolene Strauss, selected as Miss World, 2014 at London belongs to:

Answer:South Africa

Question: According to estimates made in 2013-14, which of the following countries has maximum green house gas emission ?


Question: United Nations Meet on climatic change was held in December 2014 at:


Question: An International Organization "Transparency International" issues corruption index every year. Match the years given in list -A with India's ranking given in List-B and select your correct answer from the codes given below the lists: List-A (Year) A. 2014 B.2012 C.2011 D. 2010 List-B (India's Ranking) 1. 87 2.95 3.94 4.85

Answer:A4 B3 C2 D1

Question: How many Bank Accounts were opened under "Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana" on its inaugural day ?

Answer:1.50 crores

Question: Who among the following has been felicitated as the most successful Miss World by Mill World Organization in December, 2014?

Answer:Aishwarya Rai

Question: United States of America's President has nominated following as the new U.S. Ambassador to India:

Answer:Richard Rahul Verma

Question: The "Occupy Central" movement of Hong Kong is the brain child of:

Answer:Benny Tai Yiuting

Question: What is the name of the 14-day India-U.S. military exercise recently held in Uttarakhand ?

Answer:Yudhdha Abhyas, 2014

Question: The monetary policy framework agreement, which aims to change the monetary policy formulation and will also focus on inflation targeting is proposed to be signed by which date as announced by the Union Ministry of Finance ?

Answer:February 1,2015

Question: Who won the 2014 Nobel Prize for literature as announced by the Swedish Academy ?

Answer:Patric Modiano

Question: Mr.M.V.Kamath, who passed away at the age of 93 was associated with which of the following areas ?


Question: At the time of 1857-Revolt who was the British Commanding Officer at Barrackpore ?


Question: At the time of the establishment of Asiatic Society in Calcutta who was the Governor General of Bengal ?

Answer:Lord Warren Hastings

Question: Mangal Pandey was the sepoy of:

Question: Who among the following was the architect of community development in India ?


Question: Which of the following has recommended that appointment of judges to higher courts should be through the participation of the executive, legislature and Chief Justice ?

Answer:Second Administrative Reforms Commission

Question: The Eleventh Schedule of the Constitution is related with which of the following ?

Answer:Panchayati Raj

Question: The Eleventh Schedule of the Constitution is related with which of the following ?

Answer:Panchayati Raj