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Kanoon Go test UP 2014

Exam NameKanoon Go test UP 2014

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Question: Which of the following is not true about the Comptroller and Auditor General of India ?

Answer:He can be removed by the President

Question: Which of the following Acts set up Dyarchy System at the Central level ?

Answer:Government of India Act, 1935

Question: How many women members were there in the Indian Constituent Assembly?


Question: When was the third reading of the Indian Constitution started in the Constituent Assembly ?

Answer:14th November, 1949

Question: In which of the following cases the Supreme Court regarded Preamble as a part of the basic structure of Indian Constitution ?

Answer:Keshwanand Bharti Case

Question: By which Constitutional amendment Delhi was given the status of National Capital Region ?


Question: Which of the following British Companies got the first charter permitting them to trade in India ?

Answer:Levant Company

Question: In British System Raiyatvari land revenue collection was prevalent in :

Answer:South India

Question: Which one of the following statements about Alberuni is not correct ?

Answer:He was a secular author.

Question: Which of the following is not related with Suffism ?


Question: Who was the founder of Chistia Branch of Sufism ?

Answer:Khwaja Abu Abdal

Question: At the time of Shivaji the post of Sarnobat was related with-

Answer:Military Administration

Question: The Panchasiddhantika Varahmihira is based upon-

Answer:Greek Astronomy

Question: Which one of the following Indian Mathematician invented decimal place value ?


Question: Match items of List-I with those of List-II and select your correct answer from the codes given below the list: List-I: A. Tirrukkural B. Tolkapiyam C. Silppadikarm D. Manimekalaya List-II 1.Love Story 2. Philosophy 3. Merchant Story 4.Grammar

Answer:A2 B4 C1 D3

Question: Which one of the following Indo-Greek rulers issued lead coins?

Answer:Strato II

Question: Amphora Jar is a :

Answer:tall double handle Jar

Question: "Satyameva Jayte" engraved on the Indian emplem is taen from the:


Question: Which one of the following ports handled the North Indian trade during the Gupta Period?


Question: Asokan inscriptions were first deciphered by:

Answer:James Princep