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Question: The focusing in the eye is done by:

Answer:Change in the convexity of the lens.

Question: P is the brother of Q and R. S is R's mother. T is P's father. Which of the following statements cannot be definitely true?

Answer:Q is T's husband

Question: The missing letter in the following sequence of letters in order:
ab-dca-bdc-a-da-ab-d are:

Question: If P+Q means P is the brother of Q. P x Q means P is the mother of Q and P/Q means P is the sister of Q, then which of the following would mean R is the uncle of S ?

Question: On a shelf six volumes are placed by side labelled A, B, C, D, E and F. Three volumes B, C and E have green covers while the other volumes have yellow covers. A, D and B are new Volumes while the rest are old ones. A, C and B are law reports while the rest are gazetteers. which of the following volumes is green covered, old and new report ?

Question: Find the missing number in the following:
8, 27, ?, 343, 1331

Question: In a row A is 7th from the left and B is 9th from the right. If both interchange their places, then A becomes 11th from the left. The number of persons in the row is:

Question: If A+B means A is the sister of B, A-B means A is the brother of B, AxB means A is the daughter of B, then which of the following shows the relation that E is the maternal uncle of D?

Question: TSN:QPK ::QPK:?

Question: There are four choices of words with their letters jumbled up. Three of them are alike but one is different. Find out the odd one:

Question: Complete the series given below:
11, 23, 48, 99, 202, ?

Question: Keshav is taller than Vijay but shorter than Nitin, Nitin is taller than Kishan but shorter than Amar. If Vijay is taller than Kishan, then who is the shortest among them ?

Question: How many meaningful English words can be made with EPRY using each letter only once in each word?

Question: If it were possible to make a meaningful English word with the second, fifth, sixth and tenth letters of the word STREAMLINE, which will be the third letter of the word ?

Question: Kishankant walks 10 km. towards North. From there he walks 6 km towards South. Then he walks 3 km towards East. How far and in which direction is he from his starting point ?

Question: How many 6s are followed by 9s as well as preceded by 9s in the followig set of figures?

Question: A pair of letters is there in the word LEMON which have as many letters between them in the word as in the English alphabets. Which one of these two comes earlier in the English alphabets ?

Question: In a row of girls, if Madhu, who is tenth from the left, and Veena, who is ninth from the right interchange their places, Madhu becomes fifteenth from the left. How many girls are there in the row ?

Question: If + means /, - means +, x means -, and / means x, then what will be the value of:

Question: If A denotes-, C denotes x, D denotes/and E denotes+, then