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Lower sabordinate 2014(mains) general studies

Exam NameLower sabordinate 2014(mains) general studies

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Question: In which of the following States Legislative Council does not exist?


Question: The tenure of every Panchayat in India is five years from:

Answer:the scheduled date of its first meeting.

Question: For election to the Panchayat, the State Election Commissioner will be appointed by:

Answer:Governor of the State

Question: Which of the following Constitutional Amendment Act accorded Constitutional Status to the Municipalities ?

Answer:The Constitution (74th Amendment) Act, 1992

Question: Which among the following is not mentioned in the Preamble to the Constitution of India ?

Answer:Religious Justice

Question: Which of the following is not correct with respect to the composition of Panchayat ?

Answer:Panchayat at the intermediate level may not be constituted in a State having a population not exceeding twenty lakhs

Question: Which one of the following was established as the first programme of community development ?

Answer:National Extension Service

Question: Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below the lists: List-I (Committees) A. Balwantray Mehta B. Ashok Mehta C. L.M.Singhvi D. G.V.R.Rao List-II (Suggestion) 1. Two tier system 2. Three tier system 3. Improvement in representative character 4. Local self government system.

Answer:A2 B1 C4 D3

Question: By which of the following Constitutional Amendment the Right of Property has been omitted ?


Question: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is best known for which of the following?

Answer:Use of passive resistance to achieve Indian Independence.

Question: Gandhi's boycott of British made products was effective because British considered India a major:

Answer:Market for manufactured goods

Question: Which of the following statement is/are correct regarding Gandhi?

Answer:All the above

Question: The first issue of a weekly paper Harijan started by Gandhiji was published on February 11, 1933 from which of the following cities ?

Answer:Poona (Now Pune)

Question: In Which of the following year did M.K.Gandhi write "Hind Swaraj'?


Question: Which of the following may be true regarding Gandhi ?

Answer:An Individualist among Socialist and a Marxist among Socialist

Question: The book "Gokhale, My Political Guru" was written by:


Question: According to M.K.Gandhi socio-economic improvement of untouchables can be brought about:

Answer:by providing grant-in-aid

Question: Which of the following pairs is correctly matched regarding propounding the principle of Trusteeship of Mahatma Gandhi ?

Answer:South Africa-1903

Question: Which one of the following statements is not correct about Gandhian economy ?

Answer:He did not favour machinisation in U.S.A.

Question: Which one of the following was the last step in the Gandhian strategy of Satygrah ?