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Question: Air Force Exercise Garuda-2010 was held by India jointly with which of the following countries ?

Answer:France and Singapore

Question: Which one of the following states bagged the ?National Rural Health Mission Award‘ of the Government of India in April, 2010 ?


Question: Who of the following has been included in the Hall of Fame‘ by I.C.C. in March, 2010 ?

Answer:Kapil Dev

Question: Who said, Imperialism‘ is dead as dodo‘ ?

Answer:Winston Churchill

Question: The annual session of Muslim League in the year 1970 was held at—


Question: The Indian National Congress had launched the Non Co-operation Movement in the year—

Answer:1920 A.D.

Question: Who amongst the following made regular broadcast on Congress Radio operated during Quit India Movement ?

Question: Which of the following newspapers advocated revolutionary terrorism during the period of Indian freedom struggle ? 1. Sandhya 2. Yugantar 3. Kaal Choose the correct answer from the code given below : Codes :

Answer:1, 2, 3

Question: The movement in India which became popular during the first World War was the—

Answer:Home Rule Movement

Question: Arrange the following events in chronological order and choose the correct answer using the code given below : 1. Jallianwalabagh Massacre 2. Chaurichaura Episode 3. Champaran Movement 4. Moplah Rebellion Codes :

Answer:3, 1, 4, 2

Question: Match List-I with List-II and choose the correct answer from the codes given below the Lists : List-I (a) Abul Kalam Azad (b) Pherozeshah Mehta (c) Annie Besant (d) Mahatma Gandhi List-II 1. Bombay Chronicle 2. Al-Hilal 3. Young India 4. New India Codes :

Answer:a2 b1 c4 d3

Question: Who of the following was the President of Indian National Congress for consecutive six years ?

Answer:Abul Kalam Azad

Question: Who of the following had started the Khilafat Movement ? Choose the answer from the code given below : 1. Shaukat Ali 2. Mohammad Ali 3. Shariatullah 4. Abul Kalam Azad

Answer:1 and 2

Question: Kakori Conspiracy Case took place in the year—


Question: In the Interim Government (1946) who held the Railways Portfolio ?

Answer:Asaf Ali

Question: The Province where Indian National Congress did not form ministry after the General election of 1937 was—


Question: The transfer of capital of British India from Calcutta to Delhi was effected during the period of—

Answer:Lord Hardinge

Question: Who was the leader of the Swadeshi Movement in Madras ?

Answer:Chidambaram Pillai

Question: Which one of the following statements is not correct about Dadabhai Naoroji ?

Answer:He was elected as a member of British Parliament on the ticket of the Conservative Party

Question: Which one of the following was directly related to the Poona Pact of 1932 ?

Answer:Indian depressed class