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DescriptionLUCKNOW METRO RAIL CORPORATION LTD JUNIOR ENGINEERING EXAM 2016 Held on 17 3 2016 Electronics and Telecommunications
creatorharendra kumar 2(104)

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Question: What is the NAND gate has-

Answer:LOW inputs and a HIGH output

Question: When the time period of observation is large the type of the error is-

Answer:Steady state error

Question: Magnetrostriction is a phenomenon where the magnetization of a ferromagnetic material leads to a change in--

Answer:relative permeability

Question: When an electron jumps from the valence shell to the conduction band it leaves a gap. What is the gap called?

Answer:energy gap

Question: An inductor stores energy in-

Answer:magnetic field

Question: The characteristics equation s^3-〖3s〗^2-s-k=0 stable for which value of k?


Question: The accuracy of a meter is determined by ------deflection.


Question: Dead zone of an instrument is----

Answer:the unmeasured quantity which is more than the maximum range of the instrument

Question: (-1/2-j0) is the centre of a constant N-circle in G-plane. Phase-angle will be-


Question: A device that converts from decimal to binary numbered is called-


Question: The magnetic susceptibility of a paramagnetic material is

Answer:greater than one

Question: A circuit in which the output is the ramp pulse for an input of square pulses then-

Answer:It is a differentiating circuit with high RC

Question: Convert the binary number 1001.0010 to decimal-


Question: ...........cannot be used to measure pressure.


Question: In case of synchro error detector, the electrical zero position of control-transformer is obtained when angular displacement between rotors is-


Question: Convert the binary number 1011010 to hexadecimal-


Question: The super-position theorem is applicable to-

Answer:current, voltage and power

Question: What causes the depletion region?


Question: Exclusive-Or(XOR) logic gates can be constructed from what other logic gates?

Answer:AND gates, OR gates, NOT gates

Question: What will be the state of a sillicon diode if the voltage drop across it is about 0.7 V?