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MPPCS 2015(Pre.P/G/I/2014) conducted on 09/05/2015

Exam NameMPPCS 2015(Pre.P/G/I/2014) conducted on 09/05/2015
DescriptionMPPCS (Pre.) examination is conducted by MPSC divided in two papers. Ist paper is for General studies. Its duration is two hours and for 200 marks. In this paper current event of National and International Importance, History of India and its Movement, Indian and World Geography, Political Science, Economic and Social Development, General Issues and General Science are asked. Every topic have been discussed on the site in subject box as well as in Previous years papers. After success in MPPCS (PRE) candidate have to appear in Main exam. Detail of Main exam. Discussed in the column Previous year paper of main exam. Here we have introduced the paper conducted on 09th May 2015. for MP PCS services as discussed above. This previous year paper will help the coming candidate for better preparation in the exam.
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Question: Firewall is used in Communication Network/system for protection from :

Answer:Unauthorized attack

Question: One byte has-


Question: Which of the following is not a connecting device ?


Question: FTP stands for-

Answer:File Transfer Protocol

Question: SMPS stands for-

Answer:Switched Mode Power Supply

Question: Slowest Internet connection service is :-

Answer:Dial-up Service

Question: Offences are tried under the Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955 by the Court of :-

Answer:Judicial Magistrate First Class

Question: Who is held responsible for the offences committed by companies, under the Protection of Civil rights Act, 1955 ?

Answer:Director, Manager and Secretary all

Question: Who is empowered for imposition and realization of collective fine under SC and ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 ?

Answer:State Government

Question: Offence committed by any public servant under Section 3 of the SC and ST (Prevention of Atrocities Act 1989, Provides for minimum Punishment of ):-

Answer:one year

Question: Who is not a member of the committee for the appointment of Chairperson and members of the National Human rights Commission ?

Answer:Chairman of the Council of States

Question: Chairperson and members of State Human Rights Commission are appointed by:-


Question: Who among the following is not related with the philosophy of Vedanta ?

Answer:Abhinav Gupt

Question: Famous Hazara temple of Vijaynagar was built during the reign of:-

Answer:Krishnadeva Raya

Question: Who was the Chairman of Advisory Committee on Fundamental Rights and Minorities constituted by the Constitutent Assembly ?

Answer:Sardar Patel

Question: Age of voting was reduced from 21 to 18 years by which constitutional Amendment Act ?


Question: In which article of Indian Constitution the provision of Election Commission is mentioned ?

Answer:Article 324

Question: Rangrajan Committee was constituted for:


Question: What is the rank of India in silk production in the world ?


Question: Who among the following is regarded as the leader of "Chipko Movement" ?

Answer:Sundar lal Bahuguna