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Percentage QUESTIONS

Exam NamePercentage QUESTIONS
DescriptionPercentage QUESTIONS and Answers exams contains the questions from various competitive exams.These questions are the part of previous year paper.These kind of questions would be helpful in preparing for exams like IAS, PCS, UPSC, NDA, CDS SSC, RRB, PSC, IBPS

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Question: 1.14 expressed as a percentage of 1.9 is


Question: Ram's expenditure and saving are in the ratio 5:3 . If their income increased by 12% and expenditure by 15%, then by how much percent do her savings increased ?


Question: The cost of an article was Rs 75. The cost was first increased by 20% and later on it was reduced by 20% and later on it was reduced by 20%. The prevent cost of the article is


Question: The price of certain item is increased by 15%. If a consumer want to keep his expenditure on the item the same as before, how much per cent must he reduce his consumption of the item?


Question: In a test a student got 30% marks and failed by 25m marks. In the same exam another student got 40% marks and secure 25 marks more than the essential minimum marks for the test were


Question: The value of a commodity depreciates 10% annually. If it was purchased 3 years ago and its present value is Rs.5,382, what was its purchase price?


Question: 72% of the students of certain class took biology and 44% took mathematics. If each student took at least one of biology or mathematics and 40 students took both of these subjects, the total number of students in the class is


Question: Each side of a rectangular field is diminished by 40%. By how much per cent is the area of the field diminished


Question: The price of sugar rise by 25%.If a family wants to keep their expenses on sugar the same as earlier, the family will have to decrease its consumption of sugar by


Question: The price of an article is reduced by 25% but the daily sale of the article is increased by 30%.The net effect on the daily sale receipts is

Answer:2%(1/2) decrease

Question: Half of 1 per cent, written as a decimal, is


Question: If the price of a commodity is increased by 50% by what fraction must its consumption be reduced so as to keep the same expenditure on its consumption ?


Question: The price of sugar is reduced by 20%. Now a person can buy 500g more sugar for Rs. 36. The original price of the sugar per kilogram was


Question: B got 20% marks less than A. What per cent marks did A got more than B ?


Question: The population of a town increases every year by 4%. "¢ If its present population is 50,000, then after 2 years it will be


Question: The time duration of 1 hour 45 minutes is what percent of a day?


Question: Ram donated 4% of his income to a charity and deposited 10% of the rest in a Bank. If now he has RS. 8640 left with him, then his income is

Answer:Rs. 10,000

Question: Krishnamurthy earns Rs. 15000 per month and spends 80% of it. Due to pay revision, his monthly income has increased by 20%, but due to price rise, he has to spend 20% more, His new savings are

Answer:Rs. 3400

Question: Population of a town increases 2.5% annually but is decreased by 0.5% every year due to migration. What will be the percentage of increase in 2 years ?


Question: In an examination, 35% of the total students failed in Hindi, 45% failed in English and 20% failed in both of these subjects. The percentage of those students, who passed in both the subjects, is