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Percentage QUESTIONS

Exam NamePercentage QUESTIONS
DescriptionPercentage QUESTIONS and Answers exams contains the questions from various competitive exams.These questions are the part of previous year paper.These kind of questions would be helpful in preparing for exams like IAS, PCS, UPSC, NDA, CDS SSC, RRB, PSC, IBPS

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Question: In an examination 70% of the candidates passed in Histroy and 50% in Geography and 20% students failed in both the subjects. If 500 students passed in both the subjects ,then how many candidates appeared for the exam?

Answer:none of these

Question: My salary is Rs. 12,345 per month. The salary of my brother is 10% greater than that of mine.The salary of my only sister is 9.09% greater than my only brother. The salary of my wife is 56 12/23% less than the total salary of my brother and sister together, then the salary of my wife is:

Answer:equal to my salary

Question: MDTV is a very popular TV channel. It telecasts the programmes from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. It telecasts 60 advertisements each of 8 seconds and 16 advertisements each of 30 seconds. What is the percentage of time devoted in a day for the advertisements?


Question: Lagan is levied on the 60% of the cultivated land. The revenue department collected total Rs. 3,84,000 through the lagan from the village of Sukhiya. Sukhiya , a very rich farmer, paid only Rs. 480 as lagaan. The percentage of total land of Sukhiya over the total taxable land of the village is:

Answer:none of these

Question: The actual area of a rectangle is 60 〖cm〗^2, but while measuring its length a student decrease it by 20% and the breadth increases by 25%. The percentage error in area, calculated by the student is:

Answer:none of these

Question: The cost of packaging of the mangoes is 40% the cost of fresh mangoes themselves. The cost of mangoes increased by 30% but the cost of packaging decreases by 50%, then the percentage change of the cost of packed mangoes, if the cost of packed mangoes is equal to the sum of the cost of fresh mangoes and cost of packaging:


Question: Abhinav scores 80% in Physics and 66% in chemistry and the maximum marks of both the papers are 100. What per cent does he score in maths which is of 200 marks, if he scores 80% marks in all the three subjects:


Question: In the New York Stock Exchange there are 45% female employees and thus the number of male employees is exceeded by 72. Hence the total no. of employees in the new York Stock Exchange is:


Question: Three candidates, A,B and C contested a, election. Out of the total votes on a voter list 25% did not vote and 6.66% votes polled were invailid. C got 2450 valid votes, which were 40% more than that of B. If A got only 40% of the total votes, then who is thewinner?


Question: The cost of a car is 400% greater than the cost of a bike. If there is an increase in the cost of the car is 15% and that of bike is 20%. Then the total increase in the cost of the 5 cars and 10 bikes is:

Answer:16 3/7%

Question: The square of a positive number is 2,000% greater than the number itself, then the square of that number is:


Question: The monthly salary of Shahid and Kareena together is $ 28,000.The salary of Shaihd and Kareena is increased by 25% and 12.5% respectively then the new salary of Kareena becomes 120% of the new salary of Shahid. The new (or increased ) salary of Shahid Is:


Question: 80% of smaller number is 4 less than 40% of a larger number. The larger number is 85 greater than the smaller one. The sum of these two numbers is:


Question: 220% of a number ‘X’ is 44.What is 44% of ‘X’ ?


Question: The shopkeeper increased the price of a product by 25% so that customer finds it difficult to purchase the required amount. But somehow the customer managed to purchase only 70% of the required amount. What is the net difference in the expenditure on that product?

Answer:12.5% less

Question: In the previous government, party Q was in the opposition. Now increasing the seats by 33.33% Q is the ruling party and thus party Q enjoys twice the majority than that of party P in the previous government. If there were only parties P and Q and the fix no. of seats be 500 in the parliament of Hum-Tum, then the no. of seats of the Q in the new government is:


Question: In an examination a candidate got 30% marks and failed by 30 marks. If the passing marks are 60% of the total marks then the maximum marks will be:


Question: In a school there are 1800 students. Last day except 4% of the boys all the students were present in the school. Today except 5% of the girls all the students are present in the school, but in both the days no. of students present in the school, were same. The no. of girls in the school is:


Question: In a library 60% of the books are in Hindi, 60% of the remaining are in English and rest of the books are in Urdu. If there are 3600 books in English, then the total no. of books in Urdu are:


Question: In a test there are total n questions. Bhanu Answers 20 out of 25 questions correctly in the first section. In the second section he answers 60% in the test. Given that all the questions carry equal marks, without any negative marking. The total no. Of question in the test is: