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Exam NameProfit and Loss QUESTIONS
DescriptionProfit and Loss QUESTIONS and Answers exams contains the questions from various competitive exams.These questions are the part of previous year paper.These kind of questions would be helpful in preparing for exams like IAS, PCS, UPSC, NDA, CDS SSC, RRB, PSC, IBPS

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Question: A trader sells goods to a customer at a profit of k% over the cost price, besides it he cheats his customer by giving 880 g only instead of 1 kg. Thus his overall profit percentage is 25% Find the value of k?


Question: A trader sells two brnds of pertro; one is Extra premium (EP) and other one is ‘Speed’ (SP). He mixes 12 litres of EP with 3 litres of speed and by selling this mixture at the price of EP with 3 litres of speed and by selling this mixture at the price of EP he gets the profit of 9.09%. If the price of Extra Premium be Rs. 48 per litre, then the price of Speed (SP) is:

Answer:Rs.28 per litre

Question: A, B and C invest in the ratio of 3:4:5 The percentage of return on their investments are in the ratio of 6:5:4 Find the total earnings, if B earns Rs. 250 more than A:

Answer:Rs. 7250

Question: Ajay bought a motor cycle for Rs. 50,000. 2 years later he sold it to Bijoy at 10% less of the cost price. Bijoy spend 5% of the purchasing price on its maintenance. Later Bijoy displayed the sale price of his motorcycle Rs. 50,000. Chetan wanted to purchase it at 15% discount but Bijoy gave him two successive discounts of 10% and 5% instead of 15% in one time. What is the actual discount availed by chetan?


Question: Kamal bought a hose in Sushant city, whose sale price was Rs. 8 lakk. He availed 20% discount as an early bird offer and then 10% of the cost price in interior decoration and lawn of the hose. At what price should he sell the hose to earn a profit of 25% ?

Answer:Rs. 7.92 lakh

Question: I wanted to purchase 10 chairs for the class room whose cost was Rs. 200 each. The trader offered me discount if I were to purchase a set of 12 chairs. So I calculated that if i assume the normal price of 10 chairs then we can purchase 2 extra chairs which cost me only Rs. 80 each of two chairs at the cost price of 12 chairs after discount. What is the percentage discount?


Question: The cost of servicing of a Maruti car at Maruti care Pvt. Ltd. Id is Rs. 400. Managers of service centre told me that for the second service within a years a customer can avail a 10% discount and further for third and fourth servicing he can avail 10% discount of the previous amount paid. Within a year. Further if a customer gets more than 4 services within a year he has to pay just 60% of the serving charges on these services. A customer availed 5 services from the same servicing station, what is the total percentage discount fetched by the costomer?


Question: The cost price of an article is C and the selling price of the same article is S, where z is the profit or loss percentage . If the cost price and selling price both are increased by same amount then which of the following is true:

Answer:Z decreases

Question: Cost price of 12 orange is equal to the selling price of 9 orange and the discount on 10 oranges is equal to the profit on 5 oranges. What is the percentage point difference between the profit percentage and discount percentage?


Question: A car mechanic purchased four old cars for Rs. 1 lakh. He spent total 2 lakh in the maintenance and repairing of these four cars. What is the average sale price of the rest three cars to get 50% total proft if the has already sold one of the four cars at Rs. 1.2 lakh?

Answer:1.1 lakh

Question: The cost of setting up a magazine is Rs. 8500. The cost of paper and ink etc is Rs. 80 per 100 copies and printing cost is Rs. 160 per 100 copies. In the last month 2000 copies were printed but only 1500 copies could be sold at Rs. 5 each. Total 25% profit on the sale price was realised. There is one more resource of income from the magazine which is advertising. What sum of money was obtained from the advertising in magazine?

Answer:Rs. 1975

Question: DSNL charges a fixed rental of Rs. 350 per month. It allows 200 calls free per month. Each call is charged at Rs. 1.4 when the number of calls exceeds 200 per month and it charges Rs. 1.6 when the number of calls exceeds 400 per month and so on. A customer made 150 calls in February and 250 calls in March. By how much per cent the each call is cheaper in March than each call in February?


Question: In the Bargain Bazar everyone purchases with a fair bargaining, so the traders markup the prices too much. A trader marked up an article at Rs. M expected huge profit if it is sold on the marked price. But a customer purchased it at M/2 with his fine bargaining skills, so the expected profit of the trader diminished by 66.66%. What is the percetnage discount fetched by the customer through bargaining?


Question: Tika Chand has a weighing balance in which there is a technical fault. The right pan of his balance measures always 200 g more than its left pan. Tika Chand as usual misutilise this balance in his business. While purchasing the article he puts goods in th left pan and weight in the right pan while selling he reverse the order i.e. goods in the right pan and weight in the left pan. He uses only 2 kg weight for the measurement and to measure 2n kg weight he measures n times by 2-2 kg but he sells goods at cost price. What is his profit percentage?


Question: Akram Miya has two types of graps. One is the fresh graps containing 80% water and dry graps containing 25% water. He sells 20 kg dry graps, by adding water to the dry graps, at cost price. What is the total profit percentage when after adding water the weight of 20 kg dry graps increased in the proportion of water in fresh graps?


Question: Punkaj and Sushil inveted some amount of money in the ratio of 3:5 for the same period in a business. They decided that at the end of year 20% profit was of the remaining. 75% was to be reinvested and the rest of the profit was to be divided as interest on their capitals. If the difference in their shares is Rs. 1200. Find the total profit?

Answer:Rs. 24000

Question: Jagarn group launched a new magazine in January 2004. The group printed 10000 copies initially for Rs. 50000. It distributed 20% of its stock freely as specimen copy and 25% of the rest magazine are sold at 25% discount and rest at 16.66% discount whose printing price was Rs. 12 per copy. What is the overall gain or loss in the first month’s issue of magazine, if the magazine could not realize the income from advertisements or other resources?

Answer:56% profit

Question: Jhun Jhunwala makes 1000 toys and incurs a cost of Rs. 1.2 for each toy. He marks –up the price in such a way that if he sells only 70% of the manufactured toys he will realize 16.66% overall profit. He sells only 750 articles at the marked price since rest of the toys are found to be defective so can’t be sold. What is the net profit or loss of Jhun Jhunwala?


Question: Anupam sells a paining to Bahrgav at 4/5 th the rate of profit at which Bhargava sells it to Chaudhary. Further Chaudhary sells it to Dara Sing at half the rate of profit at which Anupam sold it to Bharagava. If Chaudhary earns a profit of 10% by selling it to Dara Singh for Rs. 2805. What is the cost price. Of paining for Bhargava?


Question: A dishonest retailer cheats his wholesaler and costomer both. He purchases 19% more from the wholesaler and sells 15% less while selling to its customer. What is profit percentage by selling the goods at cost price?