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Railway Recruitment Board Hajipur (Group-D) Exam.,

Exam NameRailway Recruitment Board Hajipur (Group-D) Exam.,
DescriptionQuestions and answers from Railway Recruitment Board Hajipur (Group-D) Exam., 2008

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Question: After which war Ashoka embraced Buddhism"”

Answer:Kalinga's war

Question: Which of the following is not a non-metal ?


Question: Which of the following is not correctly matched ?

Answer:Qutub Minar—Lucknow

Question: Sun Temple is located at"”


Question: Number of teams which participated in recently held cricket tournament of Indian Premier League is


Question: Find out what will come at ?
pqrs, rsqp, qpsr, ?


Question: Which of the following rivers does not pass through Bihar ?


Question: Mahendra Singh Dhoni played for IPL cricket team of"”


Question: Which Indian Cricketer holds the record of highest runs in one Test innings ?

Answer:Virender Sehwag

Question: The Union Territory of Delhi cannot be accorded the status of a State, because"”

Answer:This is National Capital territory, its legislature and cabinet have limited powers

Question: Some cards are distributed among A, B, C and D. A gets one card less than B, while C gets 5 cards more than D. B and D get equal cards. The person who gets minimum cards is"”


Question: Credit for unification of Princely states goes to"”

Answer:Sardar Patel

Question: Gopal is elder than Mohan, but younger than Ram. Mohan is elder than Sohan but younger than Ram. The eldest of them is"”


Question: Who is Ex-Officio Chairperson of Planning Commission ?

Answer:Prime Minister of India

Question: Census is done in India generally after every"”

Answer:10 years

Question: Which of the following does not participate in the election of President of India ?

Answer:Vidhan Parishad

Question: The biggest living mammal is"”

Answer:Blue Whale

Question: Match events given in List-I with the name of the person associated given in List-II and choose the answers from the codes given below"”
List-I (Events)
(a) Establishment of Mughal empire
(b) Formation of Azad Hind Fauz
(c) Establishment of Muslim University
(d) Starting of Din-e-Elahi
List-II (Person)
1. Sir Saiyad Ahmed Khan
2. Akbar
3. Babar
4. Subhash Chandra Bose

Answer:3a 4b 1c 2d

Question: The pH of pure water is"”


Question: The name of official residence of President of USA ?

Answer:White House