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RO/ARO Mains 2014

Exam NameRO/ARO Mains 2014
DescriptionRO/ARO Mains 2014

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Question: Which of the following countries was the most favorite (in terms of total number of visitors) destination of Indian tourists in the year 2010?

Answer:United States of America (U.S.A.)

Question: Mahaweli Ganga is a river of-

Answer:Sri Lanka

Question: Peanuts is the main crop of -


Question: Zambia does not have a common border with-


Question: All the faces of a cube of dimension 4 cm x 4 cm are painted green and is cut into 64 unit cubes. How many cubes will have two green faces?


Question: If PERFECT is coded as RGTHGEV then how will brown be written in that code ?


Question: The missing letter in the following series is AZEVJ ?


Question: If HORSE=IQUWJ, then TIGER is equal to-


Question: The missing number in the series: 4,9,25, ?,121,169,289 is-


Question: In the following, the missing letters in order are-


Question: If A=2, B=4, C=6 and so cn then the numerical value of PREVENT will be-


Question: With which one of the following countries India signed an agreement for peaceful uses of nuclear energy on 5th September 2014 ?


Question: The Commonwealth Games 2018 will be held in-

Answer:Gold Coast

Question: Which one of the following countries was visited by Chief Minister of U.P. in September 2014 with an objective to attract overseas investment in the state ?

Answer:The Netherlands

Question: In how many constituencies were held the assembly by-poll elections in September, 2014 ?


Question: After the accident of which of the following Sub-marines Ex.Navy Chief Admiral D.K.Joshi resigned in Feb.,2014 ?

Answer:INS Sindhuratna

Question: Who was declared Man of the Series in the one day International Cricket Series held in Aug. Sept. 2014 between India and England ?

Answer:Suresh Raina

Question: With which of the following countries, India signed a Memorandum of Understanding on defence cooperation in Feb. 2014 ?

Answer:Saudi Arabia

Question: After the resignation of Sheila Dkshit who was appointed as Governor of Kerala?


Question: Nanda, who died in March,2014 was a

Answer:Bollywood Actress