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RRB held on 21 December 2014 Exam1

Exam NameRRB held on 21 December 2014 Exam1
DescriptionThis will contain Questions and Solutions of RRB Exam paper 1 held on 21.12.2014 for post of Senior Section Engineer.

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Question: Stomata are located in-


Question: Bile is secreted by-


Question: To use an AC motor in a DC circuit, which equipment would be required additonally ?


Question: A hardened steel file is used for removing metal or giving good finish to metals. Arrange
the files in the increasing order of smoothness
(1) Rough file (2) Bastard file (3) Second cut file (4) Smooth file-

Question: A shop reduced the price of an article by 25%. Its sale for that article increased by 25%.
What is the net effect on sales in rupees?

Question: Out of the following, which is NOT a type of welding?

Question: "Ensure correct joint preparation, correct nozzle size and filler rod size and correct travel

Question: Perform the subtraction operation of binary digits 1001 - 10. The result is:

Question: Match the following -
1. Lysosomes a. Power House
2. DNA b. Chromosomes
3. Mitochondria c. Suicide bags

Question: In a car race course, the race starts in North East direction. The road starts curving in a
circular path after 5 km. After 3/4 th of the circle the road is straight. In which direction
would the cars be running on this straight road?

Question: Air India's losses in previous financial year were to the tune of (in crores of rupees):

Question: Based on the choice of the 'Q' point on the current voltage characteristics of the transistor,
the amplifiers are classified is:

Question: Conservation of energy corresponds to which lay of thermodynamics?

Question: Which of the following logic gates is a universal gate i.e. its combinations can be used to
construct the logic of any other logic gate?

Question: A man drives a car 20 km in the North east direction and further 20 km in the South east
direction. In which direction will he have to drive to come back to his starting point?

Question: Woolen clothes keep the body warm in winter because-

Question: In potable water, the dissolved oxygen is stipulated as-

Question: A, B & C invest t 26000, t 34000 and t 10000 respectively in a business. They earn a Profit
of 3500. B's share in the profit is:

Question: What is the purpose of turbo charging a diesel engine?

Question: Chemical bonding which results in formation of molecules from atoms is basically-