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RRB Exam held on 21 December 2014 Exam 3

Exam NameRRB Exam held on 21 December 2014 Exam 3
DescriptionThis will contain Questions and Solutions of RRB Exam paper 3 held on 21.12.2014 for post of Senior Section Engineer.

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Question: when donor type impurity is added to a semi-conductor material

Question: To increase bandwidth , the distributed amplifier utilizes

Question: A p-n junction diode's dynamic conductance is directly proportional to

Question: king closres are related to

Question: seasoning of timber is required to

Question: batching in concrete refers to

Question: gypsum is used as an admixture in cement grouts for

Question: what is the radius of Mohr's circle in case of bi-axial state of stress ?

Question: A structure has two degree of indeterminacy. the number of plastic hinges that would be formed at complete collapse is

Question: for laminar flow between parallel plates seprated by a distance 2h, head loss varies

Question: in surveying, offset are

Question: the true length of a line is known to be 200 m.when this is measured with a 20 m tape. the length is 200.8 m. the correct length of the 20 m tape is

Question: shear failure of soil takes place when

Question: what is the process of utilizing one data link for transmission of a group of variables known as ?

Question: in order to increase the range of a voltmeter

Question: the internal resistance of the milliammeter must be very low for

Question: in order to have fast, steady and accurate response, the motors should have

Question: in case of overdamping. the instrument will become

Question: in reference to acid rain, what is correct statement

Question: in global warming, the major contribution is due to