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RRB held on 21 December 2014 Exam 2

Exam NameRRB held on 21 December 2014 Exam 2
DescriptionThis will contain Questions and Solutions of RRB Exam paper 2 held on 21.12.2014 for post of Senior Section Engineer.

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Question: To be eligible for membership of the Lok Sabha, a person should be atleast :

Question: In a transformer, electrical power is transferred from one circuit to another circuit without change in :

Question: With which one of the following movements is the slogan "Do or Die" associated ?

Question: Ravi spends 2/5 of his salary on House Rent;3/10 of his salary on Food and 1/8 of his Salary on Conveyance, After this, he is left with ?1400. Find his expenditure on Food.

Question: The length of a Line measured with 20 m chain is found to be 400 m. If the actual length of the
chain is 20.05 m, then the true length of the line is :

Question: if 3x+7=x²+p=7x+5,then the value of 'p' will be:

Question: Chain surveying is well adopted for :

Question: The most ideal disinfectant used for drinking water is :

Question: Age of a Tree may be ascertained by :

Question: Stiffners are used in a Plate Girder to :

Question: if log₁₀7=x,then the value of log₁₀7(1/70) is equal to:

Question: The ozone layer is useful for living beings because :

Question: To obtain the P-type semiconductor:

Question: Which one of the following places was associated with the beginning of Vinoba Bhave's
Bhoodan Movement ?

Question: Nature's cleaners are :

Question: Which one of the following is generally added to Table Salt to make it flow freely in rainy
season ?

Question: Which one of the following is not a prime number ?

Question: To close a presentation and quit PowerPoint, one must click the close button on the :

Question: Which Junction Transistor is preferred for high input and low output impedances ?

Question: fin the value of :
(489+375)² - (489-375)²