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RRB Malda-TC Exam 2008

Exam NameRRB Malda-TC Exam 2008
DescriptionQuestion and answer from RRB Malda 2008

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Question: Approximately how many stations are there on the Indian Railway Network?


Question: The Headquarters of North Western Railway is at—


Question: The new electric railway engines are manufactured in—


Question: Which of the following is true in regard to Indian railway?

Answer:All of the above

Question: The highest gallantry award in India is:-

Answer:Paramvir Chakra

Question: Oscar prize is related to—


Question: Arjuna award is given for—

Answer:excellence in sports

Question: The first Indian recipient of Nobel Prize in Literature is—

Answer:Rabindranath Tagore

Question: Bismillah Khan is related to—


Question: Who is the external affairs minister in the present union Cabinet?
in 2008

Answer:Pranab Mukherjee in 2008

Question: Thermometer is related to degree in the same way as clock is related to—


Question: The headquarters of the United Nations Union is located at—

Answer:New York

Question: To work on mobile cell phone which of the following is/are required?

Answer:All of the above

Question: Find the root value of 36.1 / 102.4—

Answer:19 / 32

Question: Which of the following keys of personal computer is not available in the key board of traditional typewriters?


Question: Which of the following words is not related to the functioning of Internet?

Answer:All of the above