Solved Paper Lekhpal Chakbandi Conducted 08 11 2015 IInd Shift

Exam NameSolved Paper Lekhpal Chakbandi Conducted 08 11 2015 IInd Shift

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Question: The largest stupa at sanchi pertains to which period ?

Answer:Mauryan Period

Question: Which of the following is odd one ?

Answer:Nita Mehta

Question: Which Asian country has recently drafted its new Constitution?


Question: In which State of India, per capita consumption of liquor is the highest?


Question: Which state of India has the largest inland saline wetland?


Question: Which State of India is producing maximum quantity of wheat ?

Answer:Uttar Pradesh

Question: Since 1913 upto 2014, how many Indians have won the Nobel Prize?

Answer:None of the above

Question: Who among the following was not the acting President of India?

Question: Nitric acid does not react with


Question: The longest sea-bridge is located in which coastal city of India?


Question: The river which does not originate from India is


Question: Who among the following is the present Central Minister for Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare ?

Answer:Radha Mohan Singh

Question: The total food grains production in India during the current year 2014-15 as compared to the previous year 2013-14 is:

Question: In Rio-Olympics-2016, the games will be organized in how many disciplines?


Question: Asia’s largest Onion Mandi is located at :


Question: The first woman Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh was:

Answer:Sucheta Kriplani

Question: For financial inclusion, ‘Jan Dhan Yojana’, which was announced by the Prime Minister on

Independence Day 2014, was officially launched on :

Answer:28th August, 2014

Question: ‘Namami Gange Project’, launched with 5 – year budget of Rs.20000 crore, involves how many

rivers ?

Answer:Only Ganga

Question: What is the decibel level of sound produced by two persons in conversation?

Answer:About 30 db

Question: What amount of calories is found in 1 litre of water?

Answer:No calorie is found