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SSC CGL 2014 26-10-2014 Morning Shift

Exam NameSSC CGL 2014 26-10-2014 Morning Shift
DescriptionSSC CGL 2014 26-10-2014 Morning Shift

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Question: The famous economist Thomas Robert Malthus, in his views regarding population, is ?


Question: Non-insurable or uncertainty risk is ?


Question: 'Gold Bullion Standard' refers to ?

Answer:gold as the measure of value

Question: Laws made by the executive are called?

Answer:Delegated Legislation

Question: The word 'Oikonomia' means ?

Answer:Household Management

Question: The word 'Economics' is taken from which language?


Question: Which of the following is a merit of the presidential form of government?

Answer:The fixed tenure of the executive gives it a great sense of stability

Question: The two chambers of the Swiss Federal Assembly are called?

Answer:National Council and Council of States

Question: Name the Italian traveller who visited the Vijayanager empire in 1420 AD ?

Answer:Nicolo de Conti

Question: Which one of the following dynasties established an independent rule in Bijapur?

Answer:Adil Shahi

Question: Who regarded the second chamber as needless, useless and worse?


Question: The tenure of the Swiss President is ?

Answer:1 yrs

Question: Haemolymph is observed in ?


Question: The virus without capsid but only with nucleic acids is called ?


Question: The immunity caused by the B-lymphocytes is called ?

Answer:Humoral Immunity

Question: Who among the following enjoyed the patronage of Sultans from Balban to Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq?

Answer:Zia-ud-din Barani

Question: The Sufi movement originally started from ?


Question: Humayun was driven out of Hindustan in 1540 AD after the battle of ?


Question: Poly metallic nodules (also called manganese nodules) are found in concentrations ?

Answer:in deep ocean beds

Question: Spot the odd item in the following ?