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SSC CGL GK 2008 general awareness

Exam NameSSC CGL GK 2008 general awareness
DescriptionSSC CGL GK 2008 general awareness

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Question: Which of the following is not considered as National Debt ?

Answer:Insurance Policies

Question: The main determinant of real wage is-

Answer:Purchasing power of money

Question: The birthrate measures the number of births during a year per-

Answer:1000 population

Question: Which of the following is not included in the National
Income ?

Answer:Winning a lottery

Question: Personal disposable income is-

Answer:Equal to personal income minus direct taxes

Question: Who prepared the first estimate of National Income for the country ?

Answer:Dadabhai Naoroji

Question: A Bill referred to a 'Joint Sitting' of the two Houses of the Parliament is required to be passed by-

Answer:A simple majority of the members present

Question: Who is the constitutional head of the Government of India ?


Question: Who certifies a Bill to be a Money Bill in India ?

Answer:Speaker of the Lok Sabha

Question: By which Amendment were 'Fundamental Duties' added to the Constitution ?

Answer:42nd Amendment

Question: The Vice-President of India is elected by-

Answer:The members of the Parliament

Question: When was the comprehensive reorganisation of Indian States completed in accordance with the recommendations of States Reorganisation Commission ?


Question: When Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, who said, 'None will believe
that a man like this in body and soul ever walked on this earth' ?

Answer:Albert Einstein

Question: Who built the 'Tower of Victory' (Vijay Stambha) in the Chittor Fort

Answer:Rana Kumbha

Question: In violation of the Salt Laws, Gandhiji started a movement called-

Answer:Civil Disobedience Movement

Question: In which of the following wars, were the French completely defeated by
the English ?

Answer:Battle of Wandiwash

Question: The Cabinet Mission came to India in-


Question: The first to come and the last to leave India were-

Answer:The Portuguese

Question: IR 20 and Ratna are two important varieties of-


Question: The Trans-Siberian Railway (9438 km) connects...................... in the
West to .......... in the East.

Answer:St. Petersburg, Vladivostok