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SSC CGL Mains Math Practise set 1

Exam NameSSC CGL Mains Math Practise set 1
Question: The average of 25 observations is 13. It was later found than an observation 73 was wrongly entered as 48. The new average is :


Question: In an organization, 40% of the employees are matriculates, 50% of the remaining are graduates and remaining 180 are post-graduates. How many employees are graduates ?


Question: The radius of a wheel is 21 cm. How many rounds will it take to cover the distance of 792 metres ?


Question: The number is just preceding 9909 which is a perfect square is—


Question: A train travels at an average of 50 miles per hour for 2(1/2) hours and then travels at a speed of 70 miles per hour for 1(1/2) hours. How far did the train travel in the entrie 4 hours.

Answer:230 miles

Question: In △ ABC, if a A = 90°, a =25 cm, b=7 cm, then what is the value of tan B?


Question: The weight of a container completely filled with water is 2.25 kg. The container weighs 0.77 kg when its 0.2 part is filled with water. The weight (in kg) of the container when 0.4 part of it is filled with water, is :

Question: If (x - 2 ) is a factor of x² + 3Qx-2Q, then the value of Q is :


Question: When the price of sugar decreases by 10%, a man could buy 1 kg more for Rs.270. Then, the original price of sugar per kg. is :


Question: Three men A, B, C working together can do a job in 6 h less time than A alone, in 1 h less time than B alone and in one half the time needed by C when working alone, Then, A and B together can do the job in:

Answer:4/3 h

Question: The distance between the points ( o, o) and the intersecting point of the graph of x = 3 and y = 4 is :

Answer:5 Units

Question: An athlete runs 200 metres race in 24 seconds. His speed is:

Answer:30 km/hr

Question: In statistics, what digit or number that occurs most often in a set of data is called?



Question: What is the ratio of chances in favour of an event to the total number called?


Question: What are three or more points that lie on the same straight-line is called?


Question: The mean high temperature of the first four days of a week is 25°C whereas the mean of the last four days is 25.5°C. If the mean of the whole week is 25.2°C then the temperature of the 4th day is:


Question: The three medians AD, BE and CF of triangle ABC intersect at point G. If the area of triangle ABC is 60 sq. cm. then the area of the quadrilateral BDGF is :

Answer:20 sq. cm.

Question: The H.C.F and L.C.M of two numbers are 21 and 84 respectively. If the ratio of the two number is 1:4, then the larger of the two numbers is


Question: What is the common approximations to the π value?

Answer:Both of above

Question: If the ratio of volumes of two cones is 2 : 3 and the ratio of the radii of their bases is 1 : 2, then the ratio of their heights will be :

Answer:8 : 3