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SSC CGL Mains Math Practice set 2

Exam NameSSC CGL Mains Math Practice set 2
Question: Mr.Y purchased a flat for Rs.925000 and spent Rs.35000 for its renovation. If he sold the flat for Rs.1080000, then his profit per cent is :


Question: The ratio of father's age to his son's age is 7 : 3. The product of their age is 756. The ratio of their ages after 6 yr. will be :

Answer:2 : 1

Question: The ratio of 3 positive numbers is 2 : 3 : 5 and the sum of their squares is 608. The three numbers are :

Answer:8, 12, 20

Question: The population of a town increased by 5% every year. If the present population is 9261, the population 3 years ago was:


Question: A train passes two bridges of lengths 800 m and J 400M in 100 seconds and 60 seconds respectively. The length of the train is :

Answer:(3) 200 m

Question: A farmer traveled a distance of 61 km. in 9 hrs. He traveled partly on foot at the rate of 4 km/hr and partly on bicycle at the rate of 9 km/hr. The distance traveled on foot is :

Answer:16 km.

Question: Two poles of height 7 m stand on a plane ground. If the distance between their feet is 12 m the distance between their top will be :

Question: train travelling at 48 km/hr crosses another train, having half its length and travelling in opposite direction at 42 km/hr. in 12 seconds. It also passes a railway platform in 45 seconds. The length of the railway platform is

Answer:(4) 400 m

Question: From 2008 to 2009, the sales of a book decreased by 80%. If the sales in 2010 were the same as in 2008, by what per cent did it increases from 2009 to 2010 ?


Question: A, B and C are going to buy books that cost Rs.540. If A pays Rs.40/- more than B and B pays twice as much as C, how much does C pay.


Question: A dealer buys an article listed at Rs.100 and gets successive discounts of 10% and 20%. He spends 10% of the Cost price on transportation. At what price should he sell the article to earn a profit of 15% ?

Question: A train with a uniform speed crosses a pole in 2 seconds and a bridge of len:gth 250m in 7 seconds. The length of the train is

Answer:(3) 100 m

Question: A sum of Rs.7000 is divided among A, B and C in such a way that the shares of A and B are in the ratio 2; 3 and those of B and C are in the ratio 4 : 5. The share of B is :


Question: A train 300 metres long is running at a speed of 25 metres per second. It will cross a bridge of 200 metres in

Answer:(3) 20 Seconds

Question: Cost price of 100 books is equal to the selling price of 60 book. The gain percentage/loss percentage is -

Answer:66 (2/3)%

Question: A train, 300m long, passed a man, walking along the tine in the same direction at the rate of 3 km/hr in 33 seconds. The speed of the train is

Answer:35[8/11] km/h

Question: A man loses 20 1/2% of his money and after spending 80% of the remainder, he he left with Rs.159. How much did he have at first ?


Question: At an election there were two candidates. A candidate got 38% vote and lost by 7200 number of votes. The total number of valid votes were :


Question: In 2 kg mixture of copper and aluminium, 30% is copper. How much aluminium powder should be added to the mixture so that the proportion of copper becomes 20% ?

Question: A tradesman marks his goods at 25% above the cost price. If he reduces the marked price by 12 (1/2%), then his profit will be :

Answer:9 (3/8%)