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SSC CGL Mains Math Practice set 4

Exam NameSSC CGL Mains Math Practice set 4
Question: The compound interest on a sum of money for 2 yr is Rs.615 and the simple interest for the same period is Rs.600. Find the principal.


Question: A sum of money lent out at simple interest amount to Rs.720 after 2 Years and Rs.1020 after a further period of 5 Years. Find the principle.


Question: Allowing 20% and 15% successive discounts, the selling price of an article becomes Rs.3060 then the marked price will be :


Question: If sin θ+sin²θ = 1 then cos²θ+cos4θ is equal to:


Question: In a rhombus ABCD, a A=60° and AB=12 cm. Then the diagonal BD is:

Answer:12 cm

Question: In certain years a sum of money is doubled itself at 6 (1/4)% simple interest per annum, then the required time will be:

Answer:16 years

Question: In how many different ways can the letters of the word CORPORATION be arranged so that the vowels always come together ?


Question: If the base of a right pyramid is a triangle of sides 21 cm, 20 cm, 13cm and its altitude is 30 cm, then its volume (in cm³) will be :


Question: The value of cotθ. tan(90° - θ) - sec (90° -θ) cosec θ + (sin² 25° + sin² 65°) +√3(tan 5°. tan 15°. tan 30°. tan 75°. tan 85°) is :


Question: A trader allows 10% discount on market price and gains 25%. If the market price of the article is Rs.50, what is its cost price ?


Question: If θ is a positive acute angle and 4 cos²θ-4 cosθ+1=0,then the value of tan (θ - 15°) is equal to


Question: A discount series of 10%, 20% and 40% is equal to a single discount of:

Question: A sum of Rs.210 was taken as a loan. This is to be paid back in two equal installments. If the rate of interest be 10% compounded annually, then the value of each installment is ::


Question: If 7 sin²θ +3cos²θ=4, then the value of tan θ is (θ is acute) :

Question: For real a, b, c if a²+b²+c²=ab+bc+ca, the value of a+c/b is:


Question: A man loses 20 1/2% of his money and after spending 80% of the remainder, he he left with Rs.159. How much did he have at first ?


Question: The 34th National Games were held in 2011 in :


Question: A shoe company sold 50 pairs of shoes on a day costing Rs.189.50 each for Rs.10000/-. Then, the profit obtained in Rs. is :


Question: The numerical value of :
cos² 45°/sin² 60° + cos² 60°/sin² 45° - tan² 30°/cot² 45° - sin² 30°/cot² 30°


Question: In 2 kg mixture of copper and aluminium, 30% is copper. How much aluminium powder should be added to the mixture so that the proportion of copper becomes 20% ?