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SSC CGL Pre 2014

Exam NameSSC CGL Pre 2014
DescriptionSSC CGL Pre 2014 19 october 2014

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Question: Soil erosion can be prevented by-


Question: Natural sources of air pollution are-

Answer:Volcanic eruptions

Question: Natural sources of air pollution are-

Answer:volcanic eruptions

Question: Which of the following Genetically modified vegetable is recently being made available in Indian market ?


Question: Bull's eye is used in the game of-


Question: In galvanisation, iron is coated with-


Question: Which one of the following is also known as solution?

Answer:A homogeneous mixture

Question: The cells which are closely associated and interacting with guard cells are-

Answer:Hypodermal cells

Question: Which is the first Indian Company to be listed in NASDAQ-


Question: RRB's owned by-

Answer:Jointly by all of the above

Question: The Monetary and credit policy is announced by which of the following?

Answer:Reserve Bank of India

Question: Which of the following method is not used in determining National Income of a country?

Answer:Investment Method

Question: What does the letter 'e' denotes in the term 'e-banking'?

Answer:Electronic Banking

Question: As per newspapers report what percent of Government stake will be disinvested in Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd. (RINL)?


Question: Pablo Picasso, the famous painter was:


Question: Which of the following is the Regulator of the credit rating agencies in India ?


Question: If the marginal return increases at a diminishing rate the total return -


Question: The law of Increasing Returns means-

Answer:decreasing cost

Question: The most important feature of Cabinet system of Government is-

Answer:Collective responsibility

Question: Direct legislation in Switzerland has-

Answer:a natural growth