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SSC CGL Pre 2014

Exam NameSSC CGL Pre 2014
DescriptionSSC CGL Pre 2014 19 october 2014

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Question: Who gave the idea of 'Cabinet Dictatorship'?


Question: Prof. Milton Friedman was the leader of-

Answer:Chicago School

Question: Which one of the following is not a qualitative control of credit by the Central Bank of a country ?

Answer:Regulation of consumer credit

Question: The market in which loans of money can be obtained is called-

Answer:Money market

Question: Which one of the following was the book written by Amoghvarsha, the Rashtrakuta King ?


Question: Who built the Kailashnatha Temple at Ellora ?

Answer:Krishna I

Question: The land measures of the Second Pandyan Empire was mentioned in-

Answer:Kudumiyammalai Inscription

Question: Who was the greatest ruler of the Satavahanas?

Answer:Gautamiputra Satkarni

Question: In which of the following countries are the judges of the federal court elected by the two Houses of the Federal Legislature?

Answer:Both 1 and 2

Question: The President of the USA appoints Supreme Court Judges

Answer:With Senate's Consent

Question: Multan was named by the Arabs as -

Answer:city of gold

Question: Plants receive their nutrients mainly from


Question: 43% of 600 + ?% of 300=399


Question: What can be the maximum length of a cricket bat ?


Question: A card-board box contains 12 pairs each of three different types of hand gloves used by batsman in cricket. They are separated into single units of gloves and all mixed. You cannot see the gloves from outside, but you can put your hands through the pigeon hole and take out one glove at a time. What will be the minimum number of gloves one should take out to get one perfect pair of gloves to be sure ?


Question: Two buses start at the same time from Delhi to Agra, which are 300 km apart, towards each other. After what time will they cross each other if their speeds are 38 km/h and 37 km/h ?

Answer:4 h

Question: In a certain language, PROSE is coded as PPOQE. How will LIGHT coded?


Question: If Development is written as Tnemdevelop, then evaluation will be written as :


Question: If H=8 and HAT=29, find how BOX= ?


Question: From the given alternative words, select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word.