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SSC Food Corporation of Indian 2015

Exam NameSSC Food Corporation of Indian 2015

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Question: Which article of the constitution of India requires the constitution of a finance commission every five years or earlier

Answer:Article 280

Question: The scholar who accompanied Mahmud Ghaznavi during his expedition to India was


Question: In full time organizational framework of Niti Aayog, the ex-officio members are to be nominated by

Answer:Prime Minister

Question: Which Country Gives Magsaysay Awards?

Answer:The Philippines

Question: The most Common Cause of Death in Road Accident is Due to

Question: In case of reflection it is well known that when a mirror turned through an angle the reflected ray turns through

Question: Which Strait Separates Europe from Africa?


Question: Sound Travels Faster in Solids than in Gases, Because

Answer:Density of solids is more

Question: The Micro-architecture of The Pentium 4 is Called

Answer:Net Burst

Question: Who has been vested with power by the constitution to permit any member of parliament who cannot adequately express himself/ herself in Hindi or in English to address the House in his/her mother tongue

Answer:Both (1) & (2)

Question: Match List l with List ll and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists
List-l - List-ll
l. Linus - A. Internet
ll. Pentium - B. Programming Language
lll. C++ - C. Microprocessor
IV. Modem - D. Operating System

Answer:I-D, II-C, lll-B, IV-A

Question: Find out The Incorrect Rank Combination Among Defense Forces.

Army - Navy - Air Force

Answer:Major - Lieutenant - Squadron Leader

Question: Which Component of The Operating System Directly Interact with Hardware

Answer:The Kernel

Question: ‘United Stock Exchange’ is the India’s newest stock exchange. The main area of operations of this stock exchange

Answer:Share & securities

Question: Latitude of Point on The Earth is Measured by The Distance in

Answer:Angles from the equator

Question: The process, by Which a Prism forms Different Colors, is Known as


Question: HTML is a Subset of


Question: The largest blast furnace steel plant which was modernized by the Central Government and dedicated to the nation recently is in the state of


Question: Base year of consumer price index has been shifted recently. It has been changed now to


Question: Black Money (Undisclosed foreign income and assets) and imposition of Tax Act, 2015 has taken effect from

Answer:1st July 2015